There are “Angel” waterfalls that surpass Niagara Falls by a length of 979 meters and is classified globally as the tallest waterfall in the world.
Angel Falls site
Angel Falls is located in the state of Bolivar, Venezuela, and flows in the Churon River in western Venezuela.

Water falls from the waterfall called “LaGran Sapata”, where this region is known to have huge hills of about 800 meters, multiple shapes and colors.
The Angel Falls are also located on the mountains of the “Ioyan Tiboye”, which are more than 2500 meters above sea level.

Angel Falls Finder
Angel Falls was discovered by the explorer “Ernesto Sanchez La Cruz” in 1912, but that discovery was not recorded and therefore these waterfalls continued to be discovered and unknown to the outside world, until they were announced in 1933 by the pilot “James Angel” who discovered the waterfalls while flying over them.
James discovered the waterfalls when he was thirty-four years old, as he loved adventures and going to undiscovered places, until he went on a trip to search for iron ore and during his flight in that region he found the waterfalls, but he could not land and watch them for a century, so he came back and was intent Go back again and discover those waterfalls.

The origin of the name Angel Falls

Pilot James Angel returned in 1938 to the Falls site, accompanied by his wife Mary and three of his friends. While flying over the waterfalls, the plane got stuck in one of the rocks, which forced him and his companions to take off.

The people of Venezuela call these waterfalls the devil’s mouth because of its huge shape and the bursting of water from it with great force.

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