The Stone of the Pregnant Woman, or the Rock of Pregnant Woman, as it is called, is located in the city of Baalbek, Lebanon, that wonderful heritage city that is one of the most important tourist destinations in Lebanon, where it is rich with ancient Romen treasures and structures and temples dating back more than 5 thousand years.
The pregnant stone is one of those marvels found in the city of Baalbek, it is the largest carved stone known in ancient history, its length is 20 meters, its width is 4 meters, and its weight has recorded 1615 tons, and it is located on a high hill in the northeast of the city, and no one knows a reason For his presence, not how he was brought and raised to this place.
In view of the ambiguity that surrounds it, tales, gossip, and myths were also told of it, and perhaps the most common of these rumors is to give the sterile woman the ability to have children.

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The most important activities that you can do when visiting the pregnant stone

Watching and walking on the traditional stone, and seeing the archaeological inscriptions engraved on its sides, capturing the most beautiful memorial pictures beside the stone to document your journey.

The pregnant stone in Baalbek

Visiting the surrounding archeological sites, as the stone is located near the Jupiter Temple, the Romen Castle, and the famous collection of structures of Baalbek, the Castle of Rachaya and the Bekaa Valley, among others.

The pregnant stone in Baalbek

• Enjoy the natural landscape that surrounds the stone from the gardens and scenic views, in addition to the rock formations that were formed by the factors of nature, and take many memorial photos.

The pregnant stone in Baalbek

• At the end of your tour, and just 8 minutes away from the Habar Al Hajari, there is Al Iman Restaurant, where you can eat the tastiest and finest Lebanese dishes and then also sweeten with good coffee.

The pregnant stone in Baalbek

work hours

Because the pregnant stone is one of the open archeological sites, it is not limited to working hours.

Hotels near Hagar Al-Habali Stone Baalbek

The 3-star Palmyra Hotel is one of the best hotels in Lebanon Baalbek, and is located 1.6 km from Hagar Al Habili.

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Kanaan Group Hotel is located in Al Ain, and one of the best hotels in Lebanon Baalbek, 4.1 km from Hajar Al Habali.

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Stone pregnant site in the city of Baalbek

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