Cağaloğlu Hamam Bath is one of the most important traditional Istanbul baths, and one of the tourist destinations in Turkey that enjoys great fame. It was completed in 1741 AD, and it is the last bath that was built during the period of the Ottoman Empire in a style that is different from the selective Turkish architectural style, located in the Sultan region Ahmed in the ancient city of Istanbul.

The women’s section door is located on a side street, while the entrance for men is from the main road, through two decorated columns of marble, and a pointed arch, and then 10 steps down. The bathroom includes several sections, some of which are for men, others for women, which are in all hot and cold sections, Large bathtub and marble fountain.

Activities you can do in Kiyalılo Istanbul

• You and your wife can enjoy the distinctive Kailuelo bath services, where you can enter the foyer, and then define requirements that suit your desires.

Kialloo Bath

• The bathroom provides self-catering, with a special shampoo, hair cream, and body wash, accompanied with perfumed soap, made from natural olive oil.

• You can benefit from the Istanbul dream service, and start with a 15-minute relaxation phase in a secluded room, followed by a scrub and bathroom.

Don’t forget to try a bundle from head to toe, start from the hot room, then rub and massage for 45 minutes.

• Also available is the amazing Kiyalılo Bath Package, which combines traditional Turkish bath rituals with oriental massages accompanied by a bubble bath.

Kiyaluelo Istanbul Bath

You can also try luxury royal Ottoman service, from the hot room, to the bubble tub, to the aromatic massage of linden oil.

• You must enjoy the Sultan Mahmud I Hammam Pack, where you will receive sultans massage and masks in your private room.

• The Kialloo Bath provides the bride’s traditional bath package, which includes skin and body care for the bride and her companions, and is celebrated on musical tones.

• Upon completion, wander around the nearby city landmarks such as Istanbul’s Grand Bazaar Market, Chamberlain Bath, Basilica Cistern

• Hagia Sophia Istanbul Museum is 400 meters from Hammam, Topkapi Palace is just a 10-minute walk away, so you can complete your day by visiting these wonderful sights.

    Kialloo Bath

Entry prices to Kialoilo

Self-service 30 €.

Istanbul Dream Bath 50 €.

Package from head to toe 65 euros.

The Kialloo Bath Package 75 €.

Luxury royal Ottoman service 120 €.

Sultan Mahmoud First Bath Package 180 €.


Everyday from 9:00 am until 9:00 pm.

Hotels near Kialuelo

Arden City Istanbul Hotel is one of the best hotels in Sultanahmet Istanbul, 240 meters away from Hammam.

Summary of Arab visitor ratings

The Arden City Istanbul Hotel got an excellent evaluation in terms of the distinguished location, and the Arab guests won the admiration for the food, the great service, and its proximity to many tourist attractions.

Dosso Dossi Fatih Hotel is one of the best 4-star Istanbul hotels, just 120 meters from Hammam.

Summary of reviews of some Arab visitors

The hotel received excellent reviews for location, staff, amenities, comfort, and cleanliness.

Hotel reservation

Kailloo Bath website

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