Rouche is a popular residential and commercial district located in Beirut, known for its high-end residential buildings and many restaurants and cafes spread across its streets, the most prominent of which is Paris Street, which is an important part of Beirut Corniche
The Corniche or the wide sidewalk located on the beach on Paris Street is considered one of the most important tourist places in Lebanon and attracts a large number of visitors on weekends, especially during the evening period.

Raouche rock

On the opposite coast of the Raouche neighborhood is a natural landmark called the Rock of Hammam or Sabah Nassar Rock (also known as the Raouche Rock). Located on the western side of Beirut, this landmark is a form of huge rocks that stand like a giant ranger, which is a popular destination for both locals and visitors coming to the city.

The best things to do at Rock of Raouche

• On the Al-Manara Corniche, which contains palm trees, you will undoubtedly have the best time. You can also rent a motorbike or an ordinary bike to add some enthusiasm to your tour with your friends.


• Don’t leave Raouche to. I visited the giant Raouche rock, where it is one of the most important and most important natural wonders in Lebanon and the world. The sun scene embracing the water behind these rocks is a true masterpiece, make sure not to miss it when you visit this place.

Rock of Raouche Beirut

Restaurant options are of course available and available in every corner of the Raouche area, but we chose a restaurant for you Al Dar restaurant, which is only 200 meters from the Raouche Rock, this restaurant offers traditional Lebanese meals. Visitors, especially foreigners, enjoy a number of Lebanese traditional meals that this restaurant’s menu is famous for.


Of course make sure that you have taken an appropriate number of memorial photos so that you can keep your visit to the Raouche Rock forever.

Hotels near Raouche in Beirut

Raouche Arjaan by Rotana is a 4-star hotel in Lebanon, located just 300 meters from Raouche Rock in Beirut
Summary of Arab visitor evaluation
Most of the Arab visitors gave this hotel a very good general evaluation with many positive comments praising the hotel’s location and its level of cleanliness, and other negative comments regarding the high prices of services inside in addition to the inconvenience surrounding the hotel
Hotel reservation
Lancaster Hotel Raouche is a 4-star Beirut hotel located just 500 meters from the Raouche district of Beirut
Summary of Arab visitor evaluation
Most of the Arab visitors gave this hotel a very good general evaluation with many positive comments regarding the hotel cleanliness and the comfort of the bedrooms, in addition to negative comments regarding the routine dealing with the hotel staff
Hotel reservation

Raouche site in Beirut

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