The city of Geneva is one of the largest cities in Switzerland and one of the most beautiful cities in Europe, where it is located on the coast of the charming Lake Geneva and surrounded by the Alps and the Jura Mountains.

Best halal restaurants in Geneva

We collected for you our beloved Arab restaurants in Geneva and restaurants in Geneva, halal, from other kitchens that were well received by Arab visitors.

Shahi Restaurant

A distinctive Indian restaurant is considered one of the best halal restaurants in Geneva and an ideal choice for savoring authentic Indian and Pakistani dishes. The restaurant is located a short distance from the central train station in the city. The prices in the restaurant are a bit high, but they are equivalent to the quality of food and service.
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Shahi, a Geneva halal restaurant, serves delicious dishes

Al Diwan Lebanese Restaurant

One of the best Arab restaurants in Geneva that serves halal food, a restaurant that specializes in providing varied and delicious Lebanese cuisine and provides a peaceful atmosphere with its distinctive Arab décor

Al Diwan Restaurant is one of the best Arabic restaurants in Geneva, Switzerland

Prince Beirut Restaurant

Among the best halal restaurants in Geneva, it is a Lebanese restaurant in Geneva that offers delicious Lebanese dishes, specifically those that are famous for the city of Beirut, such as falafel, kebab and shawarma. The restaurant has comfortable seating places that visitors prefer instead of chairs and tables

Prince Beirut Restaurant is one of the Arab restaurants in Geneva, Switzerland

Al Maktoob Moroccan Restaurant

Among the best halal restaurants in Geneva, it is one of the few restaurants that offer dishes from North African cuisine. The restaurant provides a list of various oriental dishes, including couscous and tagines, which is famous for Moroccan cuisine.

The best Arab restaurants in Geneva

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