Antalya is the most attractive coastal city in Turkey, due to its distinctive geographical location on the Mediterranean coast, and because it also contains very picturesque natural tourist places.

The city embraces many distinct restaurants that offer authentic Turkish dishes and Western dishes, along with a charming atmosphere overlooking the sea, sometimes the green nature.

The best hotels in Antalya

The city of Antalya is one of the most important tourist areas in Turkey, it embraces many hotels and the levels of service and prices may differ, so the tourist is confused about the choice and selection of the best ones.

That is why we collected for you the best resorts and hotels of Antalya on the sea, relying on various experiences and assessments presented by Arab tourists about Turkey’s hotels in this city … Read more

The most beautiful hotels in Antalya

The best restaurants in Antalya

We offer you a group containing the best 4 restaurants in Antalya

Vanilla Restaurant

Vanilla Restaurant is one of the most famous restaurants in Antalya in the old town, it offers a very delicious food, especially meat that is cooked in a distinctive way … Read more

Vanilla restaurant is one of the best restaurants in Antalya, Turkey

Torgay Restaurant

Among the most famous restaurants in Antalya, Torgay is a restaurant that specializes in meat of all kinds, as it offers steaks with special flavors … Read more

The best restaurants in Antalya

Anadolu Park Restaurant

Of the distinctive restaurants of Antalya, suitable for families, it offers delicious Turkish dishes and contains a beautiful garden where you can grill meat yourself, deserves the mark of the best restaurant in Antalya

Hotels near Anadolu Park Restaurant

There are no hotels near the restaurant, but we recommend you to the city center hotels, including:

Prime Boutique Hotel is one of the best hotels in Antalya, less than 10 minutes’ walk from the beach and the historic Kaleiçi district.

Hotel reservation

Eski Masal Hotel is one of Turkey’s hotels, located in the historical Kaleici area, just a few steps from the beach.

Hotel reservation

The best restaurants in Antalya

My dream Kokorich

A distinctive and clean restaurant of elegant Antalya restaurants that serves delicious Turkish hookah meals and is located directly on the beach and its prices are fairly reasonable.

Hotels near Helmy Kokoric Restaurant

Falki Hotel is located in Konyaalti, just a short distance from the beach and offers sea views.

Hotel reservation

Pena Hotel is 8 km from the center of Antalya, close to the beach in Konyaalti.

Hotel reservation

Restaurants in Antalya

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