Downtown is one of the most important central tourist areas in Cairo because of its hosting
For a group of the most important museums, historical palaces, restaurants and cafes, with views of the Corniche
Great on the Nile and upscale, stunning design hotels that are famous for their cost
High accommodation that is not suitable for low-budget tourists.

And because Cairo does not deprive its beauty and charm of longing, we can offer you a group of the best budget hotels in the center of Cairo, classified as the cheapest hotels in Cairo through our topic, which deals with the best and cheapest 4 hotels in downtown Cairo 3 stars and the most important features.

Best downtown Cairo hotels 3 stars

The downtown area includes several downtown Cairo economical 3-star hotels that are characterized by an acceptable level of service and a distinguished location of tourist attractions, such as:

Abdin Palace Hotel

It is Cairo 3-star hotels in the city center that offer simple rooms and suites, with transportation tickets and attractions, organized tours, airport transportation and grocery delivery services.

The hotel is 2.8 km from Khan Al Khalili, 21.4 km from Cairo International Airport.

Summary of Arab visitor ratings

The hotel has a very good overall rating from its guests, it came above to the site which received an excellent rating,
The rest of the items, such as services, facilities, staff, and prices, were rated very well.

Hotel reservation
Cairo 3-star hotels in the city center are distinguished by their proximity to the important tourist attractions

Horizon Nile Plaza Hotel

The best 3-star hotels in downtown Cairo overlooking the Nile provide units with a terrace, with a lounge
Fitness, ATM, organized tours, airport transfers and provision of public transportation tickets.

The hotel is 1.5 km from Prince Muhammad Ali Mansion, 23.2 km from Cairo Airport

Summary of Arab visitor ratings

Guests praised the stay at the Horizon Hotel, a downtown Cairo 3-star hotel, and rated all its components with an excellent rating, except for its very well rated rates.

Hotel reservation
We chose the best 3-star hotels in central Cairo to be close to the most important tourist attractions

Crown Hotel

3-star hotels in downtown Cairo offer simple rooms, with an ideal location
Tourist downtown, continental breakfast, casino, room service and reception throughout
Time, and others.

The hotel is 1.5 km from Abdin Palace, 19.2 km from Cairo International Airport.

Summary of Arab visitor ratings

The abdeen crown is one of the famous 3-star hotels in downtown Cairo.

Hotel reservation
Downtown Cairo hotels guarantee you comfort in spacious rooms

Miramar Talaat Harb

Among the 3-star Cairo hotels, which enjoy a vital central location in the city center, offering simple units equipped with a terrace and serving breakfast, in addition to room services, reception, airport transfer, business and currency exchange, a shared lounge for guests.

The hotel is 1 km from the museum
Al-Masry, 2 km from Cairo Tower, 19.6 km from Cairo International Airport.

Summary of Arab visitor ratings

The services, facilities and prices of the Miramar Hotel, one of the best 3-star downtown Cairo hotels, have received a good rating from the guests, with the exception of the staff and location who received a very good rating.

Hotel reservation
If you are looking among Cairo hotels for an upscale hotel close to tourist attractions, downtown Cairo 3-star hotels guarantee that

What are the best 3-star hotels in central Cairo?

Prepare Horizon Nile Plaza Hotel , Crown Hotel , The best 3-star hotels in central Cairo, according to the reviews of its excellent Arab visitors, for their level of services and prices.

What are the best 3-star Istanbul hotels near the airport – the sea?

Prepare Crown Hotel, Miramar Hotel Talaat Harb , The best closest hotel in downtown Cairo to Cairo International Airport.
While counting Horizon Nile Plaza Hotel The only one overlooking the Nile, as Cairo does not have a sea port.

How much does it cost to stay in 3-star hotels in central Cairo for one night?

The cost of accommodation in 3-star hotels in downtown Cairo ranges from $ 35- $ 68 per night for two people, and the cost varies with the season, type, capacity of the unit, and other factors.

What are the best 3-star hotels in Cairo for families?

All 3-star hotels in Cairo offer family units with organized tours and an ideal safe location for sights, and some offer views of the Nile.

What are the cheapest and best 3-star hotels in downtown Cairo?

Prepare Miramar Hotel Talaat Harb, Abdin Palace Hotel , The best cheapest hotels in downtown Cairo according to reviews of Arab visitors.

Which 3-star hotels in Downtown Cairo offer breakfast included in the rate of stay?

The units of each 3-star hotel in central Cairo differ among themselves in the extent to which breakfast is included in the total residence bill, according to each unit’s reservation policy.

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