Agva is one of the most beautiful tourist destinations in Turkey and one of the most important tourist areas in Istanbul despite its area as a small village in the countryside of Istanbul located on the Asian coast of the Black Sea approximately 45 minutes from the Sheila of Turkey and between the banks of the Yesil Gay and Kok rivers. Sow.
This privileged location and stunning natural nature have helped make Agua Turkey one of the best tourist destinations in Istanbul to relax, unwind and experience the simple traditional life.
During the article, we review the most important activities provided by Agfa Turkey in Istanbul for its visitors, as well as the best accommodations nearby.

Agua Turkey

Top Hotels in Agva

Agfa Istanbul includes a series of the most prestigious hotels in Turkey, some of which are world-famous, and offer a high level of services, facilities and forms of entertainment at affordable prices.

The most important activities that can be done in the Agva Istanbul area

The city of Agva in Turkey includes a number of the most beautiful tourist sites in Istanbul that attract the attention of tourists from everywhere, perhaps the most important of them are:

Aghlan Kalayar Park

While visiting the city of Agva in Turkey, you can pass through the park to enjoy the atmosphere of tranquility and recreation, which provides away from the hustle and bustle of the city between the various forms of plants and flowers.
You can also take the family on a stroll to Ağlayan Kayalar Parkı to enjoy the pool atmosphere, children’s play areas and pleasant sunshine.
At the beginning of your day of entertainment, you can enjoy a delicious breakfast of toast and Turkish tea, and conclude with a fresh sea-style meal in the traditional way in the park café and restaurant.

Agfa Istanbul

Gular Park

But if you are a fan of safari tours and camping, or are looking for an atmosphere of calm and recreation between the most beautiful scenic places away from the hustle and bustle of cities, this park is one of the most beautiful landmarks of Agva Istanbul to meet your goal, where you can take a walk between the dense and vast areas of forests, weeds and plants or climb the highlands Green, if you are a fan of adventure and excitement.
You can also enjoy a boat cruise on the clear Göller Parkı Lake. This breathtaking view surrounds you everywhere with rock blocks popping up between the running lake waters or piling up on its shore as if you were telling you to take the most wonderful photos.

The city of Agva in Turkey

The Agfa Coast Square

Agva Coast Square is the main square in the village, which during its visit you can take a quick tour and examine most of the most famous natural and tourist attractions in Agfa Istanbul such as the lighthouse of Agva and the walkway leading to it, the Agva Beach and Corniche which provides great sessions for hunting enthusiasts and those looking for a quiet natural outlet from the hustle and bustle The city, with lush greenery.

Agua Turkey

Agva Beach

By visiting the beach of Agua Turkey you can spend a wonderful and entertaining day with the family, where swimming in its clear waters, playing and having fun in its pure golden sands, playing entertaining beach and water games, especially fishing, with the view of the green mountains that are located from the beach not far away.
Ağva Plajı is one of the best tourist destinations in Agva Turkey during the summer months and it provides a private area for women in addition to the public beach, with a market and entertainment area close to children.

Agva Turkey

Shopping in Agva Istanbul

Agfa Turkey may not have huge markets and shopping malls the size of which are filled with famous tourist areas and high-end neighborhoods in Istanbul, but it nonetheless includes a group of simple popular and traditional markets through which you can shop your personal needs and buy some souvenirs for family, friends and some traditional crafts.

AGOA region in Turkey

Turkish restaurants in Agua district

If you are looking for a simple, traditional, traditional dining experience, you can do it in the popular Agva Turkey restaurants, some of which nevertheless enjoy wonderful views of the stunning village views such as the sea coast, waterfalls, lakes and green surfaces. Klimley Creek.

Agfa Turkey

How far is the village of Agva Turkey from Istanbul?

The Lagoa district in Turkey is 108 km from Istanbul, equivalent to an hour and 48 minutes’ drive on the D020 track.
116 km on the O-6 track, the equivalent of an hour and 53 minutes drive.
Or travel for 115 km and two hours and 3 minutes on the D100.

Turkey’s AGOA website

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