Banana Island Qatar is one of the most important tourism projects established by the Qatari government with the aim of stimulating tourism in the country’s coasts and exploiting its enchanting beaches.
Al-Jazeera is 15 kilometers away from the capital, Doha, and next to the foregoing is a large number of entertainment centers that suit all ages. In the coming lines, we offer you a group of the most important and best activities that you can do on the island of Banana Qatar.

Banana Qatar

The 5 best activities you can do on Banana Island Qatar

• If you are a lover of swimming or water and beach activities in general, then you are in the right place, Banana Island Qatar provides a large number of enjoyable beaches overlooking the Arabian Sea, which are characterized by clean and clear blue waters, in addition to the extended golden sands that are suitable for practicing a number of other activities Such as drawing in the sand or getting a sand bath.

Banana Island Qatar

• Banana Island Qatar provides a golf course for lovers of this kind of sports. You can hold competitive matches on this field with friends, in order to add more fun and excitement to your day inside the island.

Banana Island Qatar

• The island has a children’s playground that includes a large number of amusements and games suitable for all ages, which meet all safety and security standards with the presence of guidance staff, which predicted that your child will have a fun day inside these playgrounds.

Banana Island in Qatar

• You can have an enjoyable cruise with the help of one of the yachts moored on the island’s shore, and enjoy taking pictures of the sunset as they hug the waters of the Arabian Gulf.

Banana Island in Qatar

Within Banana Island Qatar there are a number of varied food options that satisfy all tastes, foremost of which are seafood and fish of all kinds, oriental food, italyn dishes and pastries, as well as Asian, Indian, Chinese and Korean food, ensuring you get a delicious lunch of your choice.

Banana Qatar Hotel

Hotels near Banana Island Qatar

Banana Qatar Hotel is one of the best 5-star Doha hotels, located on Banana Island in Qatar

Summary of Arab visitor ratings

The hotel rated it great for the location, comfort, cleanliness, facilities, staff, value for money, breakfast and Wi-Fi.

Doha Marriott Hotel is one of the best 5-star hotels in Qatar. It is 6 km from Banana Island in Qatar.

Summary of Arab visitor ratings

The hotel rated very well for the location, comfort, cleanliness, staff, value for money, breakfast and Wi-Fi.
Some guests complained about the hotel’s old furniture, and the bathrooms needed repairs.

Banana Island, Qatar

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