Tourism in Kuwait has many tourist attractions that make it a distinctive destination for many tourists and it also hosts huge modern shopping complexes alongside resorts and luxury hotels.

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Best hotels in Kuwait

On this tab, we collected a package of recommended and tried hotels from Kuwait for Arab visitors. Read more

Kuwait five stars hotels

The best entertainment places in Kuwait

In this article, you will find a package of the best places in Kuwait for families, which includes parks and amusement parks in Kuwait that are worth a visit

Fountain park

Located in the Salmiya district of the Kuwaiti capital, it is one of the most important entertainment places in Kuwait that attracts many visitors throughout the year due to the joy and fun that this place radiates to young and old
At the heart of this park is the Musical Fountain, which is one of the largest fountains in the world … Read more

Tourism in Kuwait

Sky Zone Trampoline Park

SkyZone Trampoline Park is one of the most important amusement parks in Kuwait, it is the first closed entertainment city that includes many physical activities in Kuwait
The park was opened in the year 2015 AD, and it includes several fields for jumping, basketball, wrestling arenas, climbing, and other sports activities .. Read more

The gates of the Sky Zone Trampoline Park in Kuwait

Kuwait Zoo

The Kuwait Zoo is one of the most important attractions and facilities for the vital Al-Faruniya area, and one of the best places in Kuwait for families that suit adults and children.
The park includes about 1,600 animal species and 188 bird species … Read more

Black Swan at Kuwait Zoo

Aqua park

And Aqua Park is considered one of the most important entertainment places in Kuwait targeting all age groups, which offers almost daily activities and activities for visitors.
It is the first and largest water park in the Arabian Gulf region, which includes several pools suitable for young and old, cafes and restaurants, surf pools, and adventure area, along with a relaxing river, and shaded rest … read more

Aqua Park tour in the Kuwaiti capital

An entertaining water village

The Messila Water Village is considered one of the most important recreational places in Kuwait, especially Al Messila, and this village is characterized by its various water games.
The village includes several water games for all ages, and the days of the week are divided between days reserved for women only, and others to receive families .. Read more

Volcano Ahmadouh in the water village of Messila in Messila - the most important entertainment place in Kuwait

The Scientific Center in Kuwait

The Scientific Center in Kuwait consists of three main facilities: a fish tank, Emax theater and a place for scientific discoveries as well as a number of other subsidiary facilities
This center is considered the first of its kind in the Middle East and the Arab world. This center is a cultural and scientific front and one of the most important entertainment places in Kuwait .. Read more

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