Nasif Jeddah House, which is located in the heart of Jeddah, the historical country, and one of the largest and oldest homes that was built in 1881 AD, this house possesses a special artistic and architectural luster, and includes a distinct collection of collections, rare paintings and manuscripts, and is one of the most important tourist attractions in Jeddah.
This house has great historical significance as it is the first house to be inhabited by the founding king Abdulaziz, when a guest of Sheikh Omar Nassif passed, and he witnessed the signing of the most important agreements in the history of the country, so it is one of the most important landmarks of tourism in Saudi Arabia.

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The best activities in Beit Nasif, Jeddah

• At the beginning of your entry to Nassif House, you will find the neem tree in your reception, which is the first tree planted in Jeddah, and you will see a masterpiece represented in the gate of this house and its wooden façade with delicate inscriptions, and on a very special tour in which you sail the heart of history and draw from its art.

Naseef Jeddah House
• In the main foyer of Beit Nasif Jeddah, see a rare set of historical paintings that represent all shapes and patterns of old houses, and the simplicity they contain mixed with absolute beauty, and other paintings documenting the history of the Kingdom.

Naseef House

• At the top of the Beit Naseef Museum, enjoy a wonderful view of the old city, by climbing the wooden tower to a height that gives you an enjoyable view.

Nassif House in Jeddah
• As for the possessions of the Nasif House of Jeddah, this wonderful museum includes a unique collection of rare antiques and works of art that are impressive, some of which are woodwork, others from tiles, and many others.

Naseef House in Jeddah
• Be sure to attend the various activities of Beit Naseef, where it holds lectures and seminars, some temporary art exhibitions are held, and it is also the best place to hold distinctive Ramadan activities.

Naseef House, Jeddah
• And if you are a photographer, you should take souvenir photos around the Nasif Jeddah house, which has all the ingredients for sophistication and excellence.

Naseef House in Jeddah
• As you will see in the house of Nassif, the illuminated anthropomorphic map of the whole kingdom, and it is considered one of the museum’s most important collections, and it features a wonderful design that dazzles the eyes, and other maps engraved on deer skins.

Naseef Jeddah House

times of work

All days of the week from 08:00 AM until 11:55 PM.

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Azhar Hotel Jeddah is one of the best 3-star hotels in Jeddah, which is 0.8 km from Beit Naseef in Jeddah.
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Crown Town Hotel is one of the best 4-star hotels in Saudi Arabia, 2.6 km from Naseef Jeddah.
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Naseef House website in Jeddah

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