The Nubian Museum was opened on November 23, 1997, and its building won the Aga Khan Award for Architecture in 2001.
The museum has been devoted to Nubian culture and civilization, and is considered one of the most important cultural museums in the city of Aswan, and a distinctive destination among Egypt’s tourist attractions.
The Nubian Museum of Aswan covers an area of ​​about 50,000 square meters, 7,000 of which is dedicated to the building, and the remainder to parks and other public places.
The museum building consists of three floors for display, in addition to a library and information center, and most of it occupies the stages of the development of Nubian culture and civilization.
The Nubian Museum of Aswan contains 3000 pieces of Egyptian antiquities representing different times, and among the exhibits are 90 large and rare objects.

Nubia Museum, Aswan

Activities you can do

• You can first walk around the museum building, as it is surrounded by gardens, trees, and some caves, and the place also includes some huge artifacts.

Nubia Museum, Aswan

• Then you can wander inside the halls of the Nubian Museum of Aswan, which was dedicated to Nubian culture and civilization, and contains pieces representing thousands of years.

The Nubian Museum in Aswan

• The museum displays the importance of the ancient Nubian civilization and its quarries, as it included diorite quarries, which were considered a source of various kinds of precious stones.

Nubia Museum in Aswan

You can also take many memorial photos of animal figures in various shapes and sizes, especially horses that appear in the best outfit.

Carved animals in the Nubian Museum

• Do not forget during your tour at the Nubian Museum Aswan Traffic in the Hall of Nubian Industries, where the paintings you show, such as shipbuilding.

The Nubian Industries Hall in the Nubian Museum

• The museum also includes the Hall of Islamic Civilization and the Hall of Romen Civilization and other civilizations that have influenced the Nubian civilization, and which are worth your visit.

The Islamic Hall in the Nubian Museum

• Close your tour by taking some pictures of jewelery, crowns, precious stones on display, tools, household utensils, pottery, and brass items dating back thousands of years.

Copper pieces in the Nubian Museum

Entry prices

50 Egyptian pounds for a person.


Morning period from 9:00 a.m. until 13:00 p.m.
The evening is from 16:00 pm until 8:30 pm.

Hotels near Nubian Museum of Aswan

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The site of the Nubian Museum, Aswan, on Google Map

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