The Mountain of Vehicles in Dammam is considered one of the most important landmarks in Dammam, especially natural tourism. The mountain is located in the District of Vehicles in Al Biruni Street in Dammam, and it is distinctive that the Mountain of Vehicles and the surrounding area are developed without tampering with its historical and environmental assets.

Mountain of chariots

The most important activities that can be done in the mountain of Al-Merikbat

• You can enjoy calmness and relaxation in the seats designated for that in the mountain area of ​​chariots, where the greenery and trees around you help you to renew your activity.

Dammam Mountain Vehicles

• You can also stroll around the green areas scattered in the Mountain of Vehicles, with attractive trees spreading to delight visitors.

Mountain of vehicles in Dammam

• Children can also enjoy the best games through the amusement parks located in the mountain Al-Merikbat, where they spend the best happy moments.

The Mountain of Vehicles in Dammam

• You can take some memorial photos of children while playing or during a mountain climbing competition, as it is considered a type of amusement and entertainment provided by the mountain.

The Mountain of Vehicles in Dammam

• There is a hiking track in the mountain area, about 2.5 km long, that you can take a walk and see the mountain from all directions and landmarks surrounding it.

Mountain of chariots

• In the end, you can enjoy the view of the sunset from the top of the mountain, where the beautiful view is irresistible, and you can also photograph it if you are a fan of photography.

Mountain of chariots

• You can also see the city of Dammam from the top of the mountain where Dammam appears in front of you as a wonderful painting drawn with its wonderful lights and landmarks.

Mountain of chariots

• You can also enjoy seeing the wonderful lights that illuminate the mountain at night, giving it a wonderful view, especially with the greenery and trees scattered around it.

Mountain of chariots

The best hotels near Mount Al Merikbat

Dallah Homes is a furnished apartment unit, which is considered one of the best hotels in Dammam, 13.3 km away from Jabal area.
Summary of Arab visitor ratings
The hotel got very good reviews on cleanliness, comfort, and good treatment of the staff, also got good reviews for value for money and free Wi-Fi.
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Sofi Hotel, which is considered one of the best hotels in Saudi Arabia, Dammam, as it is 9.8 km from Jabal area.
Summary of Arab visitor ratings
The hotel is rated good in terms of cleanliness, location, and staff, how satisfying it has been in terms of value for money and facilities.
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Al-Merikbat mountain site

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