A whole day can be spent with your family or friends in Fethi Pasha Park, Istanbul, which is named after its first owner.

You can tour the forest and the tree-shaded bridge decorated with bird sounds, or enjoy a delicious Turkish meal in the garden’s restaurants.

And deserved to be the most important tourist park in Istanbul, due to the fact that it is one of the Istanbul gardens that provide wide green spaces as well as charming view.

So stay with us to find out the most important activities in Fethi Pasha Park, which has become one of the most famous places of tourism in Turkey.

The most important activities you can do in Fethi Pasha Park, Istanbul

• Here we have come to the gates of the garden at the beginning of your day and the first thing that will attract your attention is the beautiful landscapes and the shape of the trees interconnected together to shade the place.

Not to mention the natural music that comes from different types of birds, so you can start your day calmly and relaxed.

Fethi Pasha Istanbul is beautiful

• When you arrive at the heart of Fethi Pasha Park, Escudar Istanbul, choose the best spot and sit with your friends or family on a rug under the shade of the trees.

Enjoy playing some simple games where there are ample spaces for running, fun and delicious breakfast.

Trees and flowers blend in Fethi Pasha Istanbul to create a wonderful place

• He then escorted the children, who had good luck inside Fethi Pasha Park, Istanbul, where they were allocated a variety of recreational games area where they can enjoy free and safe.

Fethi Pasha Park Istanbul has a children's area

• After you are assured of your children in the games area, I go to exercise, as the municipality in Istanbul provided simple sports machines for athletes.

In addition to the jogging or walking path that runs along the forest and is shaded by tall trees and wonderful flowers.

Sports fans can run in the lane in Fethi Pasha Park, Istanbul

• After midday you will definitely feel hungry so you can take your family to have a delicious meal from the large menu of food available in the garden restaurants and be in the traditional Turkish way.

In addition, there are fast food restaurants that some young family members and children may prefer.

Fethi Pasha Istanbul Escudar Park includes many restaurants serving various types of cuisine

• After eating your delicious meal, you can take a rest and enjoy the wonderful view in which the green spaces come into contact with the clear sea water from the top of the hill in Fethi Pasha Istanbul Park, to get an activity shipment to complete your day inside the garden.

• Now, after resting and breathing the fresh air, it is time to discover the rest of the places in the garden where you can take a tour through the forest, which includes many different trees and flowers.

• Then go with your family to the balcony overlooking the European side in Istanbul and the Bosphorus Bridge with sparkling night water to take the most wonderful photos.

The trees are shaded with woods in Fethi Pasha Park, Escudar Istanbul, to produce a wonderful view

• After the end of your day, do not forget to enjoy a cup of Turkish coffee from the top of the hill, and you enjoy the sunset in which the sun melts between the clear sea waves.

Enjoy the magnificent view from the top of the hill in Fethiye Pasa Escudar Istanbul

Hotels near Fethiye Pasa Escudar Park, Istanbul

Mercury Istanbul Taksim is one of the best Istanbul hotels, Fethi Pasha Istanbul is 8.9 km away.

Summary of Arab visitor ratings

The hotel received a great rating from the Arab visitors in terms of comfort, staff performance, cleanliness, and location.

Some guests complained about the distance to the metro stations, Taksim Square and the limited size of rooms.

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The Stay Hotel Bosphorus Istanbul is one of the best hotels in Turkey, and away from the park in Istanbul is 8.8 km.

Summary of Arab visitor ratings

The hotel was rated excellent in terms of staff performance, location, cleanliness, and comfort.

While some visitors complained that the breakfast was not varied.

Fathi Pasha Park website

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