When traveling to America, food seems to be a big problem, as most dishes are not halal, such as meat, wine, and unfamiliar cooking methods. But today the situation is very different, especially in Chicago, where it includes; a large number of Arab restaurants that offer delicious foods.

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Learn about the best Arabic restaurants in Chicago … delicious flavor with a traditional flavor

The Taste Of Lebanon

The taste of Lebanon is a distinctive destination that offers delicious Middle Eastern cuisine, and despite the smallness of the place, it has a wide appeal. In addition to Baba Ghanouj, delicious hummus cream, lamb chops wrapped with basil flavor and tahini, Address: 1509 W Foster Ave Chicago 60640The Taste Of LebanonThe Taste Of Lebanon Read also: Chicago's best theme parks

Middle Eastern olive grill Zaytune Mediterranean Grill

One of the finest Arabic restaurants in Chicago, which; seeks to be the best, and therefore it is intended by a lot of locals, and tourists alike. The place is characterized by simplicity, and comfortable design, since entering you do not feel the desire to leave, with the most delicious dishes; that rely on fresh ingredients Then the pita bread is cooked daily in the restaurant; then comes the preparation of the most delicious dishes, including the roasted eggplant, which is left in the herbal marinade, and the olive oil is then roasted. Next to the delicious falafel, its delicious aroma attracts you from the neighborhood streets. And don't forget to taste the delicious baklava dessert; with konafa and delicious honey. Address: 3129 S Morgan St Chicago 60608.Middle Eastern olive grill Zaytune Mediterranean Grill
Middle Eastern olive grill Zaytune Mediterranean Grill

The Nile

The Nile Restaurant specializes in making falafel, Middle Eastern grills, and one of the most favorite Arab restaurants for Chicago residents. Because of the fresh ingredients and the distinctive cooking style that the restaurant follows. Which features a delicious secret dressing. Address: 1162 E 55 Chicago Street, IL 60615The NileThe Nile Read also: The most beautiful city of Illinois .. From the authentic American countryside

Noon O Kabab

Kebab Noun Oh is among the finest Arabic restaurants in Chicago and is famous for its delicious meat dishes that are distinguished by delicious spices and elaborate cooking methods. The restaurant offers a delicious selection of dishes, including; The outside is rich in juices on the inside, and next to it serves a rich rice dish with spicy flavor. To enjoy a traditional taste that stimulates your senses. After enjoying this delicious meal, a cup of tea made with traditional methods is served to you. Address: 4661 N Kidzie Ave ChicagoNoon O KababNoon O Kabab

Naf Naf Grill

The Naf Naf Grill attracts tourists, and locals from all over Chicago, thanks to its delicious food, which highlights the flavors of the Middle East original. Time to get out of the oven.Adress: 309 W Washington Six Chicago 60606Naf Naf GrillNaf Naf Grill


Lebanese Café attracts a lot of tourists and locals due to its fun atmosphere and fun staff, making it one of the finest Arabic restaurants in Chicago. Savor the delicious Fattoush salad that makes you feel refreshing on hot Chicago days, and serves with it pieces of delicious pita bread in addition to beans. Cooked with olive oil and garlic. Also chicken sandwiches and kebabs. All of this is served alongside a delicious garlic salad called: Tomeya. Don't miss the delicious Maamoul dessert experience, which is served with a cup of coffee; rich in cardamom flavor. Address: 4639-41 N Keddy Avi ChicagoSemiramisSemiramis

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