In Riyadh you see the gardens of fluorescent flowers thriving between their dark plateaux and shiny valleys that cross the desert, capital and splendid buildings with a modern appearance, and many traditional palaces, so the tourism in Riyadh is very rich with expatriates staying in Riyadh hotels and those looking for Riyadh chalets that offer entertainment options and varied proximity to places Shopping and shops, and do not forget about the Riyadh chalets, the Rimal neighborhood, which are working hard to put tourists on the most comfortable way.

The best chalets in Riyadh, Al-Remal neighborhood

Below we show you a group of chalets with the most prominent services and assessments of Arab visitors, so that you can choose the most appropriate for yourself and what is in line with your desires.

Asbar Hotel Resorts

It is classified as the best Riyadh Chalet in the Rimal neighborhood, offering swimming pools and wellness facilities, barbecue facilities, along with a terrace, garden, groom suite, family rooms, and a special playground for children.

The resort is 21.2 km from King Khalid International Airport, 2.8 km from Sands Market, and 3.7 km from Bandar Food Markets.

Summary of Arab visitor ratings

The resort received a great evaluation in terms of cleanliness, amenities, staff and reception.

Hotel reservation
Standard room at Asbar Hotel Resorts, which is known as one of the Riyadh chalets, Rimal neighborhood

Abant Al Rimal Chalets

The chalet, a stunning sand chalet in Riyadh, relaxes the eyes of its lawn extending outside, its modern furnishings, and it has a sun terrace, barbecue facilities and a garden.

In addition to grocery and room delivery, free private parking, and an outdoor pool, jacuzzi, is one of the luxury sand chalets in Riyadh.

The chalet is 24.4 km from King Khalid International Airport, 1.8 km from Olympic Stadiums, and 1.3 km from Woody Park and Reserve.

Summary of Arab visitor reviews

Among the chalets in Riyadh’s Al-Remal neighborhood, the chalet received an excellent evaluation in terms of beauty, service development, hygiene and staff.

Hotel reservation
Abant Al-Remal Chalets is one of Riyadh's Al-Remal Chalets

Chalets was sand

The chalet offers various views of the pool, garden or lake, and offers accommodation with a garden, balcony, barbecue facilities and a terrace.

Besides private parking, free Wi-Fi, one of the most prominent chalets in Riyadh, the famous Al-Rimal neighborhood.

The chalet stands out among the list of chalets in Al-Rimal neighborhood, with its location, 24.5 km from Al-Muk Khalid International Airport, and 8.2 km from the masterpieces of Jawharat Al-Remal.

Summary of Arab visitor ratings

The chalet has not yet received a rating within the website.

Hotel reservation
Al-Remal Chalets was the most prominent of Al-Remal Chalets in Riyadh

Palm Resort sand

The chalet has garden and pool views, and offers accommodation with an outdoor pool, shared lounge, garden, barbecue facilities and a terrace.

Also a seating area with a fully equipped kitchenette, along with family and entertainment services, is one of the famous Al-Rimal neighborhood chalets in Riyadh.

The chalet is 24.4 km from King Khalid International Airport, 2 km from Truk Entertainment World for Families, and 3.7 km from Durrat Al-Sahel Theme Park.

Summary of Arab visitor ratings

The chalet, one of the prominent chalets in Riyadh, the prominent Al-Rimal neighborhood, received a good evaluation in terms of location, hygiene and furniture.

Hotel reservation
The luxury and elegance of chalets in the Rimal neighborhood, which includes the Palm Resort Rimal

What are the best chalets in Riyadh neighborhood of sand?

Most chalets in Riyadh’s Rimal neighborhood recommended in this article have received great reviews from Arab visitors.

How much does it cost to stay in a Riyadh Chalet, Al Rimal neighborhood, for one night?

The cost of accommodation ranges between $ 330 and $ 530, and the price varies according to the period of the year and the size of the chalet.

What sand chalets do you recommend in Riyadh for families?

It is both Asbar Hotel Resorts And Palm Resort sand And Chalets was sand Among the sand chalets in Riyadh we recommend to families for their good location, size and availability of connecting rooms.

What are the best chalets in Riyadh sand at economic prices?

Asbar Hotel Resorts And Abant Al Rimal Chalets They are chalets in Rimal neighborhood at economical prices, and they have received great reviews from Arabs.

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