Italy is one of the most beautiful places of tourism around the world and we will review for you the best tourist cities in Italy and help you find the best hotels that have the highest rating among Arab tourists and the most appropriate offers in addition to details about the best tourism places in Italy

Tourism in Rome

The city of Rome is the capital of Italy and its largest and most populated city, with a population of 2.7 million. The history of the city of Rome extends over 2500 years, as the city was the capital of the great Romen kingdom and is considered one of the birth places of Western civilization and the Romen Republic, as behind this history many tourism attractions in Italy Rome and the most important of them is the famous Colosseum.
You can reach the city of Rome through the Rome International Airport or the so-called Leonardo da Vinci Fiumicino Airport, the largest airport in Italy
Where it is located 35 km from the heart of Rome, which contains the most famous historical places.
The proposed time to visit Rome is 4 days

Tourism in Milan

When you arrive in Milan, the most beautiful city in Italy, you will feel a kind of special charm, due to the splendor of this city and its richness in cultural monuments that harmonize with the beauty of nature.
Milan is one of the most beautiful tourism cities in Italy, which attracts many tourists around the world.
One of the largest and most important airports in Italy is Milan Malpensa Airport
It is located 40 km from the heart of Milan

Tourism in Florence

Florence is located in the northern part of Italy and it is one of the largest cities in Italy and the most important historical, artistic and economic heritage where the Arno River passes. The city of Florence is considered the cradle of artistic renaissance and is famous throughout the world as a cradle of art and architecture with its historic buildings, monuments and museums rich in unique exhibits.
The city of Florence attracts many foreign and Arab tourists annually.
You can connect to the city of Florence through the Florence International Airport, which is located 6 kilometers from the city center and approximately 15 minutes by car, and Florence Airport is in contact with the most famous airlines.
The proposed time to visit Florence is two days

Tourism in Venice

Venice or Venice will capture you by this floating city, with its charm of nature and the beauty of its buildings and the narrow streets and wonderful canals, and it is one of the most beautiful cities in Italy
One of the most successful ways to discover this wonderful historical city is to discover the best tourist places in Italy, on foot.
You can reach Venice through Venice International Airport in Italy, tourism or what is known as Venice Marco Polo Airport, which is 8 km away from the city center.
The proposed period to visit Venice, Italy is 3 days or more, as desired

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