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France is one of the best tourist countries that attracts approximately 826 million visitors, is France, which has many wonderful tourist, cultural and historical places such as Paris, Lyon, Strasbourg, the Alps, ski resorts, wonderful beaches, attractive French villas and gardens spread there, and France embraces thirty world heritage sites The UNESCO World Bank, where the tourism sector contributes 9.7% of the gross domestic product, which is sourced by 30% of the tourism revenue from foreign tourists and the remaining 70% from domestic tourism.

State of Spain

Spain occupies the third place among the most visited countries in the whole world, with approximately 60 million tourists visiting it annually, as it contains many attractive and varied tourist places such as Barcelona and Madrid, and buildings that show the architecture spread in it, in addition to the varied food that Offer it to its visitors.

The state of Italy

The country of Italy is one of the best tourist countries in the continent of Europe, it is the state of Italy, where it has many tourist places that attract visitors, especially those who spend their honeymoon vacation, and also offers its most famous food to tourists, which is italyn pasta.

State of Malaysia

Malaysia occupies the third place among the most visited countries in the continent of Asia and the Pacific region, where it is visited by approximately 27.4 tourists annually, most of them from Singapore and Indonesia, and Malaysia has many attractive tourist places, wonderful beaches and national parks scattered in it, and one of the most important tourist attractions in it are Cameron Highlands And the various tea plantations that show how to produce and make tea tea, and the Tonko Abdul Rahman Marine Park, which offers its visitors diving and snorkelling trips in the wonderful waters to see the most places that contain marine coral in the whole world.

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