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The United Arab Emirates

The United Arab Emirates contains many tourist places that are recommended to go during the winter, including the following:

  • Dubai: Dubai is considered one of the best tourist destinations during the winter season, as it is characterized by its very hot summer, its mild weather in winter and suitable for swimming. The city also allows visitors to enjoy the snow by visiting Sky Dubai.
  • Abu Dhabi: Abu Dhabi city is characterized by its wonderful climate during the winter season, as it is an appropriate destination to enjoy outdoor activities in the open air, such as visiting the Sheikh Zayed Grand Palace and going to the Corniche by the sea, as the city is one of the best places for families, because it contains many activities that suit Various age groups.

The city of Abisco

Abisko is located in Sweden in the far north of the continent of Europe in particular, and is considered one of the best tourist places in the world during the winter season, as the city is characterized by darkness, due to the lack of sunrise in it for several weeks in the months of December and January, which allows Visitors can see the enchanting Aurora Borealis, and allow visitors to practice cross country skiing along the National Park tracks.

The city of Copenhagen

The Danish city of Copenhagen is considered one of the best imaginative tourist places in the winter in Europe, as the city allows visitors to head to cafes and watch the falling snow outside, and allows them to visit Tivoli Park, an entertainment city located in the heart of The city of Copenhagen, which dates back to the nineteenth century.


Parts of the city of Spain, or as it is known in the ancient Andalusia, are located in the far south of the African coast, which made it characterized by a moderate temperature during the winter season, and the low value of residence there, and there are many tourist attractions in it, such as the Alhambra Palace in Granada, and the Seville Cathedral is Overcrowded with visitors, and an active nightlife.


Venice is located in Italy, one of the best places to go between November and December, as the city is not crowded with visitors, in addition to the relatively low hotel prices, and it is also possible to enjoy religious art and orientation during this period. To the Peggy Guggenheim Collection Museum which displays American and European art during the twentieth century in homes and gardens.

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