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Jamaica includes many aspects that contribute to making it a destination of choice for many tourists, especially honeymoon tourists, where couples can enjoy seeing waterfalls, swimming under warm water, and diving in the sea, in addition to the ability to enjoy relaxation in the sun, along with These temptations, Jamaica is one of the low-cost tourist destinations, whether in terms of flight prices or hotel prices and offers and incentives offered.


Portugal is one of the western European countries that is a popular tourist destination, which can be chosen for honeymooning. Portugal is characterized by being relatively low and affordable compared to its neighbors from destinations such as Spain or the Greek islands, it includes many indications on the ancient world, such as archaeological castles Also, fishing villages can be visited. On the other hand, Portugal includes many urban destinations, such as the urban neighborhoods with elegant beaches, which are constantly improved and developed, in addition to distinguished golf courses, and others.

St. Moritz

St. Moritz is distinguished in Switzerland as a suitable destination for honeymooners, whether in summer or winter, as it includes pure lakes and springs in which to swim in the summer, as it allows sitting in cafes with open air, and in winter it is suitable for ski lovers thanks to the inclusion Geography of the mountains.

Big Island of Hawaii

The big island of Hawaii is referred to as one of the great places to spend honeymoon in it, and this comes despite the fact that many visitors go to other Hawaiian islands. Rainforests and their inverted lava deserts, along with these appearances, the large island of Hawaii includes many parks and hiking trails.

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