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The old city of Tunis

The old city of Tunis is one of the best tourist places in Tunisia, and it is one of the most admired medieval cities in North Africa, interspersed with old streets, alleys, markets selling various items, bustling cafes, streets full of craftsmen, and brightly populated residential areas The large entrances, in addition to historical palaces, baths, schools, and mosques that spread throughout the city, many of which are decorated with tiles, carved plaster, and marble columns.

Bardo Museum

The Bardo Museum is considered one of the best tourist places worth visiting in Tunisia, which is located in the Grand Palace of Tunis, and it is one of the most impressive museums in the north of the African continent, as it contains a group of the most famous mosaics in the world, as it is displayed The museum room is a treasury of vibrant mosaic art, which was discovered from ancient sites in the country, in addition to the wonderful remains of the long history of this land.

Zaytuna Mosque

The Zitouna Mosque mediates the city of Tunis, and it is considered one of the most important distinctive architectural buildings in the country, which reflects a wonderful image of the old city, as it was built in 732 AD, and consists of a stunning prayer hall, a quiet courtyard, and is characterized by its wonderful tiles, and also increases its marvelous tiles, and also increases The beauty of the whole with the lights of the city twinkling at night.

Al-Shawashin Market

One of the most important tourist attractions in Tunisia, whose history dates back to the seventeenth century, is a lively market full of exquisitely decorated stores, where these stores are responsible for the production and sale of traditional Tunisian hats with a red color. Almost one million hats are manufactured by 15,000 craftsmen annually, which are sold locally and exported to all parts of the world.

Soil Bey shrine

The Tourbet El Bey mausoleum contains green domes of various thicknesses, which is thus a model of the Ottoman shrines, and the interior consists of a complex mixture of tiles and gypsum, and it is indicated that it was built during the reign of Ali Pasha II in the period between 1758 AD And 1782 AD, as it contains the shrines of the Husaynid bytes, princesses, ministers, and councilors, and it has been closed since the early years of the twenty-first century.

Other tourist places in Tunisia

Tunisia includes many attractions, including the following:

  • The city of Bulla Regia.
  • The city of Cape Verde.
  • Carthage Death Museum.
  • Shanini village.
  • Duirat Palace.
  • Gafsa Village.
  • The city of Jctis.
  • The city of bathrooms.
  • Mahdia city.
  • Matmata city.
  • The archaeological site of Carthage.
  • Antonius Baths in Carthage.
  • The Star of the Zahra.
  • Birsa Hill.

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