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Old Baku

The ancient and fortified city of Baku is one of the most famous areas in Baku and is listed on the UNESCO World Heritage List, as this city was considered the medieval capital of Shrewshani, and is known today as the heart of the capital of Azerbaijan, and it contains the Virgo, places for weaving traditional carpets, and many restaurants. Merchants refer to this city as the fort of the Baku region.


Virgo is about 29 meters high, and it is one of the famous historical sites in Baku, where there are many beautiful views of the Bay of Baku and the old city, and it is believed that it was built in the twelfth century, and is famous for many fairy tales related to it, and its huge structure It is unique, with walls at the base about five meters thick.

Shuhada Street

Al-Shuhada Street is located in the southeastern corner of Baku, which is a street dedicated to those who died in the Red Army attack in 1990. This street can be visited to visit the beautiful mosque in the Turkish style, in addition to the garden located near it.

Carpet Museum

The Carpet Museum contains more than a thousand pieces of rare and beautiful carpets, which were made in Azerbaijan, Dagestan, and Iran, and this museum can be visited in addition to many other important landmarks in Baku, such as: the Historical Museum, the Armenian Church, Baku Street and many others .

Azerbaijan History Museum

The Azerbaijan History Museum is located in the city of Baku, and when you visit the museum, it is possible to identify handicrafts and ancient historical publications, as the History Museum includes more than 300,000 artifacts, and was built to emulate the style of italyn palaces during the Renaissance, as the exhibits in this museum show many Topics dating back to ancient history, modern history, ethnography or what is known as the description of human races make it the largest museum in Azerbaijan.

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