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The ancient history, the lively beaches, and the beautiful countryside all represent the true reality found in Turkey, which is one of the oldest and most powerful civilizations found in history.

Istanbul is the most important and most attractive point for tourists in Turkey, but other Turkish cities are matched by paper and beauty, if this is not the most beautiful, in this article we will present to you the best and most beautiful sites that can be visited in the Turkish Republic.

Best Turkish regions


It is the capital of Turkey and is distinguished by modern houses and buildings, and it is abundant in Manabi, government departments, commercial companies, universities, and foreign embassies.

Ankara is located in the center of Turkey and the Anatolia region, and it is an important hub connecting the other main destinations in Turkey. The city provides a kind of artistic and cultural atmosphere by focusing on museums, the most important of which is the Anatolian Museum of Civilizations.


This city floats on a strategic hill overlooking the plains in the region in southeast Turkey, and is considered one of the oldest cities that inhabited in the region, and enjoys the ancient cultural diversity of buildings that were built of sandstone on the hillside, and there are the oldest monasteries in the world, in addition to The oldest astronomical observation spot in the world.


One of the oldest cities in the world, famous for Seljuk architecture, Konya is a large city located in the center of Turkish Anatolia, and it flourished under Seljuk rule and the buildings that were built in that era still exist to this day.


Located along the Turkish Riviera on the shores of the Mediterranean, Antalya is a vibrant city, with large numbers of tourists, so there are many hotels and restaurants.
In addition to the beaches and scenic landscapes, ancient monuments are dotted, such as the old city, Romen gates, and maze-like streets.


The capital of the Ottoman Empire and one of the largest cities in Turkey and the world, this city extends through the Strait of Hormuz, which connects Asia and Europe, making it the only city that extends between two continents.
The architecture, historical sites, restaurants, and popular and contemporary shopping outlets all make Istanbul one of the best places to visit in Turkey.


This city is located in the southern region of the Aegean Sea, and it has become one of the largest resorts in the world, and it is visited by millions of tourists to enjoy its beaches, and see the castles and ancient monuments.
And one of the most attractive areas for tourists is the St. Peter’s Castle, which has become among the most important museums in Turkey.

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