There is a group of the best restaurants in Trabzon that are characterized by great quality and delicious cuisine with the finest fresh ingredients
Better yet, these are the excellent locations for these restaurants to dine while seeing stunning views.
The interest in restaurants in Trabzon has become greater due to the recent development of tourism in it and the increase in the number of tourists from countries
Arabic, so there are many Arab restaurants as well. Find out with us the best of these restaurants in the following list.

5 of the best restaurants in Trabzon

Kalender Restaurant Trabzon

This welcoming restaurant and café is very popular in Trabzon despite its small size but ideal for a gathering
Friends or family for a simple traditional Turkish coffee or lunch.
The dishes served in the restaurant are traditional but delicious and cooked with great skill, so you can have lunch with your family after a long day
From visiting the sights, it is also close to some museums and landmarks in the city.Kalender Restaurant TrabzonKalender Restaurant Trabzon Read also: Tourist places in Trabzon

Cemil Usta Restaurant Trabzon

In an old stone building on the northern side of Atatürk Alanı Street, you will find this amazing restaurant that serves a mix
From seafood and local dishes like akçaabat köfte, a type of meatballs made in a local way.
The restaurant has two floors where you can sit on the ground floor at a table overlooking the street or on the upper floor
On the balcony overlooking the large square in front of the restaurant.
Service in the restaurant is usually fast and sometimes a little late when the restaurant is crowded but sweet hazelnut is served
Free while waiting will make you wait with pleasure. Cemil Usta Restaurant TrabzonCemil Usta Restaurant Trabzon

Fevzi Hoca Trabzon

Vivizi Hokka Restaurant is one of the best seafood restaurants in Trabzon but in the whole of Turkey and it is very special as it is available in
The restaurant is fish for each season and this means that you will only eat fresh fish.
In Vevizy Hokka restaurant, there is no food menu, but you can choose the type of fish you want and choose how you want it to be cooked.
It out.
The restaurant is decorated with pictures of famous people who ate in the building and it is a hint of how popular the place is.
Those who do not want to eat fish can choose the famous Turkish meatballs akçaabat köfte, which is the most Turkish meal
Fame at all.Fevzi Hoca TrabzonFevzi Hoca Trabzon restaurant also read: Tourist Attractions in Uzungol

Ahmet Usta Kebap Salonu

This modern, uniquely designed restaurant is located on the busy pedestrian lane Uzun Sokak and its name
You can deduce what is offered.
That’s right, the restaurant offers all kinds of kebabs with various meals and cooking methods, as well as some rare dishes found in restaurants.
Others, such as talaş kebabı, are lamb meat wrapped in delicious pastries;
Also, orman kebabı, which is lamb cooked with vegetables and many other local dishes like cabbage leaf
Fondue with corn and many more.Ahmet Usta Kebap SalonuAhmet Usta Kebap SalonuAhmet Usta Kebap SalonuAhmet Usta Kebap Salonu

Tarihi Kalkanoğlu Pilavcısı Restaurant

Designed with dark wood, this charming restaurant creates a warm and pleasant atmosphere, which specializes in serving all cuisines.
Amazing Turkish folk and one of the best restaurants in Trabzon If you want to know the taste of the original Turkish meals, all you need
He is going to this restaurant.
The restaurant offers the best and most delicious dishes including rice cooked with butter with slow cooked lamb, and also the kuru fasülye dish
It is a white bean in tomato sauce, and there is also a fermento arian, a drink of salty yogurt.
It also offers homemade sweetened dishes cooked with love and warmth to make you feel at home, as well as juices.
Fresh and delicious refreshing drinks such as dried apricot juice.
The restaurant is run by a Turkish family who cook food for its customers, it has been a family legacy for many years, and it also served a soul
Dishes Since 1856 the dishes or menu have not been changed but the taste itself has been changed for the better.Tarihi Kalkanoğlu Pilavcısı RestaurantTarihi Kalkanoğlu Pilavcısı RestaurantTarihi Kalkanoğlu Pilavcısı RestaurantTarihi Kalkanoğlu Pilavcısı Restaurant

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