The best country for shopping tourism in the world and the cheapest, is one of the most enjoyable and fruitful types of tourism, and it is very wonderful to improve the mood and spend the summer vacation in buying wonderful gifts, unique clothes that cannot reach the quality of local clothes. It is important to take care in choosing the destination that you will travel to for shopping.
Studies show that shopping tourism is preferred by 90 percent of the population of Asia, 85 percent of the population of Western Europe and also indicates that 50 percent of sales of high-value goods in Europe are from foreign tourists and here are more details for Arab travelers.

Why do people prefer shopping tourism outside their country?

A lot of people who have enough money are thinking of being alone with the clothes they buy, and they don’t like to wear someone like them, and also they like to buy clothes at lower prices in their home country. An example of this is that tourists from Brazil travel to America because the prices of clothes there are lower than their prices in Brazil is about 70 percent of its value.
Tourists from all over the world go to Paris to buy the original international brands, which may be available in a lower quality or a copy of them in their country.
In general, shopping tourism is based on the desire to save or buy original international brands and enjoy a unique tour of the country of origin and change the atmosphere to improve the mood.

What are the best destinations for fruitful shopping tourism?

There are many factors that you must consider in determining your destination, including the ease of access to it and the movement between its markets and prices there and whether there are discounts on clothes or not, in addition to the number of shops, centers and brands in the tourist destination.
There are many cities around the world that are subject to these specifications, one of the most important and most active in shopping tourism:

New York City where elegance and exclusivity:

New York City is one of the largest cities in terms of the number of shops and the most diverse in the goods offered.
It also provides many innovative and unique concepts in the world of fashion. You will find many dazzling products, artifacts and international fashion that follow the latest trends by international designers, and you will spend long hours every day in the New York markets without boredom or boredom.

Tokyo is the most beautiful country in the Far East:

The most important thing that Tokyo has is the large number of shops and its various divisions, for example the chain of Eastian stores, whose main branch is in Tokyo, and it consists of 8 huge buildings distributed on two streets of the city and all of them are able to speak English, Korean and Chinese language, There is also a guide in the city for the markets and commercial centers located in it, and the goods that are presented in each of them, such as high-quality Japanese clothes, Japanese and international restaurants.

Kuala Lumpur, suitable for all tastes:

  • The capital of Malaysia is one of the largest economies based on shopping tourism as it contains three shopping centers among the largest 10 global shopping centers around the world, and one of the most famous shopping places in Utama, which contains more than 670 shops and is equipped with a huge garden to crush the center contains More than 500 different types of unique plants in addition to the rain forests that are found inside with special koi ponds and fish tanks for freshwater fish in addition to the many sprinklers that can do in the city.
  • One of the most important advantages of Kuala Lumpur and shopping in it is the combination of very elegant international shops and stores that offer local clothes at an acceptable price and high quality at the same time, in addition to many discounts and offers that last for months at some times of the year.

Dubai for the perfect shopping trip:

There are certainly many activities that can be done in Dubai, in addition to shopping and purchasing different needs, where the Dubai Mall is the largest mall in the world by area, and there is a Dubai Mall store in the French Galeries Lafayette series in addition to the first branch of the Bloomingdale chain outside America.
You will enjoy purchasing your very stylish clothes and different cosmetics, as well as entertainment that will make you enjoy a lot of fun on your tour, such as the huge games park Sega Republic, dancing fountains and marine life fairs.
In addition to the Dubai Mall, you will find Mall of the Emirates, known for the beauty of the fashion it displays and the abundance of entertainment there, as it contains the first indoor ice slope in the Arab countries and many amazing winter resorts. A shopping festival is held in January and February every year where many great offers and discounts are offered Unbelievably large mind on all the popular markets, local and international stores and shopping places in Dubai do not miss this irreplaceable opportunity.

Paris is a city of poetic and global fashion:

If you are a fan of different, unique and precious global clothing that is out of monotony and repetition then Paris is the best destination for you. You can buy many impressive artifacts and rare paintings, as there is in Champs-Elysées, which is one of the most famous shopping streets around the world and contains many well-known brands such as Chanel, Dior and Gap.

Turkey, where the luxury of the past and the beauty of the present:

Dubai is not the only destination in the Middle East to buy clothes. We cannot forget the mention of Turkey, which is one of the best tourist areas for fans of antique markets. You should visit Istanbul Bazaar full of impressive artifacts and the Egyptian market in addition to many high-end centers such as Jewels Mall which is in the capital and Anka Mall which It is located in the city of Ankara. You will find many shops selling Turkish clothing that are known for their quality and dazzling materials, as well as shops of world famous brands.

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