The best tourist destinations in China … Li River

The river is divided into three main tracks, each of which is adorned with stunning landscapes of mountains sunken in the river and villages that bear the names of legendary stories told by the tour guide accompanying the trip. The karst landscape along the river is unique in the world where there are incomparable scenes of noble green peaks, crystal waters, exotic stones, colors, and wonderful caves hidden in the heart of the magnificent forests.

The countryside of the region the Li River passes provides an amazing place for exploration, boat trips, hiking, and camping. Waterways flow into a stunning landscape of inspiration for generations of Chinese painters. The river flows along 83 km, during which karst mountains, river features and ancient caves emerge.

Villages have pulsed on the outskirts of the river for centuries without changing or being affected by the development of the world. The Li River intersects with its beautiful tributary Yulong to strew its green hillside, which embraces ancient historical settlements. The journey begins from the dock south of the Liberation Bridge in the downtown Guilin area with legendary travel guide stories about love novels and mythical heroes who lived near this great river.
The river is divided into three sections, surrounded by natural karst mountains and wrapped around the noble green peaks on its bank, and exotic stones sparkle with their colors under the crystal clear waters, and the part that extends from Guilin to Yangshuo is the most beautiful part, where the waters wind between the bamboo groves, caves and villages to draw breathtaking scenes that kidnap Breaths.

The most famous landscape on the river includes the elephant trunk hill, which is located on the western banks of the Li River, where the water is reflected in a cave resembling the moon, so it is also called “the moon over the water.” Close to this beautiful hill is located on the east bank of the idyllic Quanshan Park, which is famous for its beautiful natural scenery.

The crown cave is named after the crown-like hill and is located in it. The ancient cave is about 12 km long, filled with natural wonders such as stone pillars and rock formations illuminated by quiet lights that illuminate the road in front of boats and tourists. The Li River runs downstream from Yangde to Xingping with an endless procession of distinct peaks, bamboo groves and stunning scenery.

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