Sultan Eyüpsultan is a region and a municipality in Istanbul, especially European Istanbul, and it extends from the famous golden century, and at the meeting point of streams of the Cagd Khan stream and specifically on the Bay, to the shores of the Black Sea, which is one of the prominent tourist areas in Istanbul, which was previously a charming village.

The Ayoub district of Istanbul was administratively defined as a region or province in the 1930s, and then its current borders were re-expanded in 2009, to become one of the most visited tourism areas in Turkey, and the most famous for Muslims in the country and abroad, because of the status it holds of historical Islamic significance .

Sultan Ayub District

Best hotels in Istanbul

A few hotels are located in the Ayoub district in Istanbul, but the area is secured by a good set of different Istanbul transportation, which makes reaching the Ayoub region easy, and the Ayoub Sultan cable car is one of the most important and most enjoyable ways to reach its hill, and we have collected for you the most important hotels Turkey located in Istanbul in a comprehensive report .. Read more

Hotels near Sultan Ayub District

Activities you can do in Sultan Ayoub

Eyup district in Istanbul has amazing views of the coasts of the Golden Horn, which is the mouth of the main Bosphorus strait. The region also includes several tourist places in Istanbul for young people and other visitors to the city, and a fan of panoramic photography of natural spaces, and we will talk together in this article about the most important landmarks that can be visited In this charming area.

Berloti hill Istanbul

Pierre Loti has charming views of the Golden Horn, which is the center of the Ayoub region and the cable car of the Berloti Café or the Blue Cable Car, and the hill is considered one of the best places in Istanbul for families .. Read more

Eyup district in Istanbul

Istanbul cable car

• By riding the Ayoub Sultan cable car, you can enjoy a wonderful panoramic view from the top on the Bosphorus coast, the Golden Horn and a number of the most important tourist attractions of the city, as it is one of the fast and inexpensive means of transportation in Istanbul, through which you can reach and see the most important European landmarks in a few minutes. .. read more

Sultan Ayub

Ayoub Sultan Mosque

Ayoub Mosque is one of the important mosques of Istanbul, which occupies a special place in the hearts of the residents of the region, and its visitors in general .. Read more

Sultan Ayub

Istanbul Dolphinarium

The Dolphinarium is considered one of the most famous places of tourism in Istanbul, due to its wonderful views and the entertainment it offers to visitors .. Read more

Ayoub Sultan cable car

Vialand Istanbul

Vialand is one of the amusement parks Istanbul to suit all ages, and is one of the tourist places in Istanbul for young people .. Read more

Access to the Ayoub region

Summer Activities Club

• The summer club is a vast area in which the municipality holds various events and celebrations, and where you and your family can spend some fun time.

• The club includes many green areas and football fields, which you must take advantage of for a nice family trip or picnic.

• Local visits to clothes and gifts are held in various locations of the club, in which you can shop and buy some souvenirs.

Ayoub and Berloti Café cable car

Golden Horn Park

• Golden Horn Park has unparalleled views and stunning views, which is an opportunity to take many stunning memorial photos.

• The park includes many green spaces surrounded by many water basins and flower beds, where you can enjoy a family picnic in the nature.

• The park also includes several pedestrian paths shaded with different types of trees, and around them and breaks where you can go walking.

• The park also offers cruise service in wooden boats and sport boats, which will take you on an unforgettable cruise.

Ayoub Sultan area

Ayoub Sports Complex

• At the Ayoub Sports Complex, you can enjoy practicing all types of sports, and take advantage of the football, basketball and handball fields it contains.

• The complex also includes a small yacht club that provides enjoyable cruises, along with its sea-view terraces, suitable for taking pictures.

• Within the boundaries of the complex is the coastal Tiki Park, where there are a number of street vendors who will give you an opportunity to eat Turkish pleasures.

Abu Istanbul area

Shopping in Sultan Ayub

• The Ayoub area includes many shops that will give you an opportunity to purchase the needs you need, clothes, gifts and souvenirs.

• It is also possible to reach the Istanbul Mall in Perm Pasa, as well as the Venice Mall Istanbul in just twenty minutes.

Eyup Istanbul

Eyup Istanbul restaurants

Sultan Ayoub hosts a number of prominent Istanbul restaurants and cafes, perhaps the most important of which is the Berloti Café in addition to a number of high-end restaurants that we advise you to get to know through the article .. Read more

Sultan Ayub

The location of Sultan Ayoub on Google Maps

Sultan Ayub is 8.2 km from the city center of Istanbul. You can find its exact location from the following map:

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