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Eshtafina area

Ashtafina is one of the tourist attractions in the governorate, and it is characterized by the presence of many forests full of oak trees, oaks, herbs and wildflowers, and it is one of the important resorts that possesses a mild climate in the summer, and it also witnesses snowfall in the winter.

Caves and high mountains

Ajloun has many high mountains from which sunrise and sunset can be monitored, such as Jabal Umm al-Darraj, which is located east of the city of Anjara, and Ras Munif located east of the town of Afna, and among the caves where the monks cave is a high area where climbing can be practiced.

Ajloun Nature Reserve

The area of ​​this reserve is 12,000 dunums, and it consists of a group of hills of different height. It was established in 1989 AD, and in 2000 AD it was declared as one of the important areas for birds in Jordan, and most areas cover oak forests, so it is a good source For timber, it includes many types of animals such as rodents, mammals, deer, reptiles, and birds, in addition to a tourist camp consisting of 20 shacks and a handicraft hall to train community members and market products.

Kfranjeh Valley

There are abundant trees in this valley, grapes, almonds, pomegranates, citrus fruits, and apples, as well as grains and vegetables in it, which are an essential source for providing the governorate with what it needs from them. On its side are mills, springs, bridges, ancient Romen irrigation canals, and archaeological ruins.

Ajloon Castle

Al-Rabad Castle or Ajloun Castle is the main attraction in the province, and it is a great example of military and Arab Islamic architecture in the Middle Ages, and its construction dates back to 1184-1185 AD, and that was at the hands of the nephew of the leader Salahuddin Al-Ayoubi, the Arab Muslim leader who achieved Successful campaigns to restore the occupied lands by the Crusaders, and they provide a wonderful view from which to see the Dead Sea, Lake Tiberias, the Jordan Valley, and the West Bank if the atmosphere is clear.

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