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The Portuguese capital of Lisbon is distinguished for its many distinctive places and heritage appearances, and it is suitable for all varied tourist tastes, in addition to being suitable for people of all budgets, it is considered the best destination or European capital for tourism, because it contains the old neighborhoods and the old Alfama streets that return in Its history is medieval, when tourists travel between these places via the archaeological train 28, and the city also features many areas with distinctive views, such as St. George Castle Street, which overlooks its features.


The city of Porto is filled with many cultural appearances and popular foods that attract tourists to it, and it is the second largest city in Portugal, where it is characterized by its archaeological streets overlooking the waters of the Douro River and is adorned with brick roofs that rise above its buildings. The river is one of the special features of the city, and the bright buildings with its yellow colors are numerous opposite the river, and many restaurants are spread along its sides. The city of Porto includes the historic Gothic Church of São Francisco, which was built in 1425 AD, and it contains murals carved with scenery Birds and foliage.


The city of Braga has the advantage of being the third largest Portuguese city, and it contains many archaeological monuments dating back to the Middle Ages. Sights on the top of a hill on the outskirts of Braga, which tourists can reach by climbing the Baroque winding ladder, or by hanging a train.


Guimaraes confuses the modern and ancient modern style, as it contains an ancient castle built 1,000 years ago, and the city center dates back to the Middle Ages. The city was chosen as the capital of European culture in 2012 AD, it contains the Villa Flor Cultural Center that was opened in the year 2005 AD. Tourists travel by cable car to reach a park overlooking the whole city.

Madeira Island

Madeira Island is one of the best tourist destinations in Portugal, and it is a favorite place for winter tourism, to enable tourists to walk long and enjoy beach sessions in the warm sunshine of winter. It also includes Madeira and the small islands that are adjacent to it by the Cristiano Ronaldo Museum and the house that was Affiliated with Christopher Columbus.

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