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Cansheng Falls

The Kanching waterfall has seven levels and is located within the recreational forest reserve in Slagor state. A range of leisure activities are offered to tourists such as wild adventure trips, bathing in the waterfalls, camping, hiking, photography, swimming, and others.

Batu Caves

Batu Caves form a series of limestone caves in Slagor, and there are many sacred Hindu shrines that attract pilgrims and tourists, especially during the Taiposam Festival, there is also a large statue of Lord Mergen at the entrance to the caves, and there are three main caves that contain related religious property Hinduism.

Ramayana Cave

The Ramayana Cave is one of the Pato Caves in Slagor, and it contains many drawings representing the famous Indian epic Ramayana. The cave also contains a huge green statue of the Hindu god Hanuman, which is 15 meters long, then a bridge can be crossed to enter the cave to see the huge Kumbarkarna statue.

The village of Mah Miri

The cultural village of Mah Meri is located on Pulau Kari Island, 40 km southwest of Kuala Lumpur, where this village is famous for the distinctive culture and traditions of the Sennai community who lived along the coast of Slagor, and this village is also famous for expressive masks that are worn during dance rituals. To represent the ancestral spirits.

Sasaran Beach

Sarasan Beach is located in the Kuala Slagur region of the state of Slagur, and is characterized as a tourist attraction, where you can spend a full day learning about the types of wildlife that live in the dense sand of the beach such as various types of oysters, crabs, and local educational tours are available to learn how The sea moved around the coast, the impact of water and weather on life, and increased awareness of the ecosystem.

Orange Asli Museum

Located in Selangor, northeast of Batu Caves, Orang Asli Museum features the rituals of life, death and even the daily rituals of the indigenous peoples of the Malaysian peninsula. The museum displays collections of traditional weapons, clothing and handicrafts.

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