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The best tourist places in Sweden

Sweden has many distinguished tourist places, including the following:

  • Drottningholm Palace: The palace is considered one of the best tourist attractions in Sweden, and the palace represents the residence of His Majesty the King and Queen of Sweden, and it is available for visiting as there is only one of the palace wings closed to the public.
  • Vasa Museum: It represents one of the most powerful attractions in Stockholm, since it opened in 1990 AD, as the museum displays a wonderful history and provides the possibility to see the ship close up.
  • Kalmar Castle: This castle dates back to 800 years ago, and the castle has played an important role in historical events, an important fort in the history of Sweden.
  • Gothenburg Botanical Garden: This garden contains a variety of plants and flowers, which number up to 16,000 plants and flowers, as well as the possibility to stroll in the beautiful and quiet lands embraced by the garden.

Sweden’s natural attractions

Many travelers note that the landscape is one of the main tourist attractions in Sweden, and these features are mountainous hills, southern beaches, winter ski areas, and many lakes, such as: Sillian Lake, Storcion, Verne, and Witern, and nature is also provided in Sweden Possibility of boat rides along the Guetta Canal and Gotland Island.

Other tourist places in Sweden

Sweden contains other tourist places worth visiting, including the following:

  • Lapland wildlife: Lapland is the largest integrated wildlife place on the European continent, covering a quarter of the Swedish land area, with only 5% of the population residing in it.
  • Gripsholm Castle: The castle is located in Mariestad, and is located on Lake Malarin outside Stockholm. The castle is characterized by its Renaissance-style interiors, and contains a theater that includes the oldest and largest collection of art paintings in the world.
  • Skocloster Castle: It is the most magnificent museum on the European continent, dating back to the seventeenth century AD, and is famous for its unique interiors, collections of paintings, furniture, applied art, and books.
  • Crystal Kingdom: It is located in Småland, and contains the most famous global glass works.

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