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El Nido area

El Nido is one of the beautiful tourist places in the Philippines, and this place is classified as the best island in the world, as it has wonderful rock formations, distinctive beaches, and clear waters, and is located in the northern part of Palawan, and is characterized by its increasing tourist attraction year after year.

Reef its repentance

Its Tobat reef represents one of the best marine reserves and diving sites in the world, and its location is located in the southeast of Palawan Island in the Solo Sea, and this region is considered a natural park; It also hosts a diverse group of fish, sharks, dolphins, and whales, in addition to being one of the most preferred areas for divers.

Terraces of Banaue rice

The terraces of Banawi Rice are one of the beautiful tourist places in the Philippines, and it is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and therefore it is an engineering marvel from prehistoric times, with its history dating back more than two thousand years, and rice trees are cultivated in carved mountain ranges, and is referred to The cultivation of rice is still present on the site to this day, and this place offers many hiking trails, which are long-distance and somewhat difficult paths.

Other tourist places in the Philippines

The Philippines hosts many tourist attractions, including the following:

  • Coron Island.
  • Nakban Beach: It is a beautiful beach characterized by its golden color, and its length reaches about 3 kilometers.
  • Santiago Fort: This fort plays an important role in protecting the entrance to the Pasig River, and beautiful gardens spread within the fort’s grounds, as well as squares and fountains leading to a curved portal.
  • Santo Nino Cathedral: Founded in 1565 AD, it contains a small statue of Christ, which dates back to the Magellan era.
  • St. Augustine Church: Its construction dates back to the period between 1587 AD to 1606 CE, and it is the oldest church in the Philippines.
  • Chinese cemetery: This cemetery includes the wealthy Chinese who died in Manila, and were buried in a huge cemetery with all modern amenities.
  • Ayala Museum: This museum contains four floors of magnificent exhibitions displaying Philippine culture, art and history.
  • Siargao Island: Its discovery dates back to the seventies of the last century, and is characterized by a surf area.
  • Palawan Island: This island represents the best islands in the world, and it extends from the southwest to the northeast of the country, and its reach reaches about 418 km.

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