Bodrum Castle

Bodrum Castle is considered one of the best monuments in the world, which dates back to the Middle Ages, as it was built by the Crusaders in the fifteenth century as the castle of St. Peter, and the castle has now become a museum, and the underwater relics are considered Its main attraction is that it receives many visitors every year.

Mount Nimrod

The height of the summit of Mount Nemrut is 2134 meters, and there is a group of ancient sculptures believed to be a royal cemetery, where King Antiochus I Theos the Comagene built a sacred cemetery in 62 BC, and this tomb includes large statues of himself and several Greek and Persian gods, and two Eagles, two lions, are called Nemrut Dagı (Turkish: Nemrut Dagı) in Turkish.

Istanbul Archaeological Museum

Istanbul Archeology Museum is one of the important tourist places in Istanbul, where this museum displays a collection of artifacts and art, as it consists of three main buildings, namely: the Old East Museum, the Archeology Museum, the Pavilion, and the history dates back The Museum of the Ancient East in 1883 AD, and includes a collection of antiquities dating back to pre-Islamic times, which were collected during the expansion of the Ottoman Empire, or the Museum of Archeology includes a wide range of classic statues, coffins, and an exhibition displaying the history of Istanbul.

Qapi Brick Palace

There is a Topkapı Palac (Turkish: Topkapı Palac) palace in Istanbul, which is the seat of the Ottoman Sultans for 400 years. It was included in the list of UNESCO World Heritage sites, and was built in the fifteenth century AD, and was a center of social and political life in Istanbul, It is distinguished by its Ottoman architecture, and it also contains many Islamic and Christian monuments.


Ephesus is one of the most famous ancient Turkish cities, containing Greek and Romen ruins, and the most important monuments are: Temple of Hadrian, the Library of Celsus, and the Ancient Theater (Ancient Theater).

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