Perhaps you are one of the people who believe that the savings in the cost of tourism in Austria can never meet with one of the countries of Europe in one sentence, there is a common mistake among many people that it is not possible to travel to Europe with an economic budget, but we in our article today will prove to you the opposite Exactly, where we will provide you with an economic guide to save on the cost of travel to Austria in addition to some tips for saving as much as possible in the budget and enjoying this country full of endless beauty in Western Europe. * Please take into account that the accounts in this article are taken into consideration at a price The dollar is offset Euro at the time of writing; the currency prevailing in Austria, where the euro is equal to $ 1.19.

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The cost of tourism in Austria

Flight Tickets

Whenever you decide to travel to Austria, the best options for airlines to go to are international airlines, which provide good and economical offers for those with low and medium budgets, and we can recommend Turkish Airlines to you. And you must bear in mind that the prices of airline tickets are very volatile and change a lot as they are variable depending on the country from which the flight is launched; but it will not cost more than $ 400 in various countries and therefore you should allocate approximately that in your budget to the airline ticket; and the more you wait for the most The closer the flight is to book the ticket, the higher the price of the ticket, the better it is to book as early as possible. As a general rule, do not book your flight during the peak tourist season in Austria or on public holidays, where you will find ticket prices have increased by twice; and the peak times in Austria It is in the months of May to August Q. This leaves you in front of the months from November to February, as it is the best way to visit to save on the cost of travel to Austria.Flight TicketsFlight Tickets Read also: Travel advice to Austria ..

Austria visa

Austria is one of the countries that will need to obtain a Schengen visa in order to enter it, and all Arab countries are not allowed to enter Austria without a Schengen visa; and for the tourist-appropriate visa it is a short-stay visa C that extends for a maximum period of ninety days only. It is preferred that you apply for access On the visa application six weeks before the date of your travel, which is more than enough time, but to allow yourself more time if anything goes wrong; as for the cost of the visa fee, it is fixed regardless of the period of stay; and it costs sixty euros for adults, or about 71.18 dollars, For children between the ages of a Sixth to twelfth Vtklv thirty-five Ao’rour any 41.52 flag to mark the Schengen valid for all the signatories of the Schengen Agreement, a twenty-five countries, including the twenty-two countries in Europe, and so you can walk around in many of the most famous countries of Europe at a cost of a single visa.Austria visa
Austria visa

Means of transportation in Austria

Austria has a very large public transport system; therefore, you do not have to worry about how to get to all parts of the city, so all public transport networks that include the metro, trains, trams and buses can be easily reached; as for the cost of tickets and the best way
Transfer to save on the cost of tourism in Austria, so we will let you choose it yourself after we set the price of tickets for various means. The cost of a one-time tram ticket is only 2.20 euros or $ 2.61, or you can buy a ticket that is valid for four times for
8.80 euros, equivalent to $ 10.44. A tram ticket valid for twenty-four hours costs 7.60 euros, or 9.02 dollars, which is better in terms of savings. A tram ticket valid for forty-eight hours costs 13.30 euros or $ 15.78. The tram ticket is valid for seventy-two hours It costs 15.50 euros, or 19.57 dollars. Also, when you buy tickets, you can add ten euros or 11.86 dollars and get a transfer ticket to and from the airport. Taxis cost from 27 to 30 euros, from 32.03 to 35.59 dollars, which is the way you should get away from it.
If you want to save on your budget, the bus ticket costs 8 euros, or 9.49 dollars. The airport train ticket costs 12 euros to go or return only, which is 14.24 dollars, while the return and return ticket costs 19
Euro costs 22.54 dollars. You can also rent bikes at very economical rates, and it is an ideal way to get around in Austria. The first hour is free.
Then EUR for two hours, or EUR 2 for three hours, or EUR 4 for four hours; then EUR 4 for each hour after that.Means of transportation in AustriaMeans of transportation in Austria Transportation Read also: The most important malls and markets in Vienna …

Economic Options For Accommodation

You will likely spend most of your time exploring attractive cities and attractions, especially in Austria where you will not stop
For a moment, just have a good time; you only need the hotel at bedtime, so there is no need for luxury and expensive hotels
You can save money on other things better than that, and now we leave you with economical hotel options to save on the cost of tourism in Austria, which are convenient options too.

A&T Holiday Hotel (1 star *)

A&T Holiday Hotel is located in Vienna, the capital of Austria, and the price per night starts at 10.2 euros or approximately 12 dollars.
The hotel has private parking and a 24-hour front desk, and all rooms have a bathroom
A private, good option, economical and close to the city’s sights. You can book the hotel on the Bukking website from here.

Angel’s Place austria (1 star *)

Prices start at this hotel from 22.76 euros, which is twenty seven dollars a night, and it is one of the distinguished cheap hotels
In Vienna, which competes with other hotel prices, the hotel is within a ten-minute walk from
There are many sights in the city. The hotel has many excellent service facilities
A shared restaurant is at the guests ’disposal and provides free parking. You can book the hotel from the Bukking site here.

Happymit Pension (2 stars **)

Happymit Pension rates start from € 30.35 per night, or about $ 36, and is an appropriate hotel
For medium budget owners, the hotel offers special offers for guests, for example you can spend ten nights at the hotel and get
On an additional free all-inclusive night, the hotel offers free Wi-Fi and comfortable rooms to be had
Like it, you can book the hotel from the hotels website here.Economic Options For AccommodationEconomic Options For Accommodation Read also: The most beautiful tourist places in Austria

Food & Drinks

Food and drinks are one of the ways that can significantly affect your budget, especially if you have an average budget
Or economical, you don’t have to eat in expensive and upscale restaurants, so you can eat fast food that is served
In snack bars throughout Austria; these delicious foods include pizza and Turkish sandwiches
Known as kebabs, delicious Austrian sausages and other meals. In these bars you can get three meals for less than 10 euros or less than 11.86 dollars, and these restaurants are better
Many fine restaurants and amazing prices to save on the cost of tourism in Austria.Food & DrinksFood & Drinks

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