The most prominent monuments of Mesopotamia

Mesopotamia is Iraq, the cradle of civilization, as it is characterized by its picturesque green nature and its diverse climate. Here are some of the ancient and ancient monuments in Mesopotamia:

Abbasid palace

The Abbasid Palace is located in the city of Baghdad, specifically in the Al-Bakr neighborhood, and overlooks the Tigris River, and this palace is the last Abbasid palace located in Baghdad, which is an old and historic building consisting of two floors, and it is said that it was built in the era of the Nasser Al-Din background, similar to its design Al-Mustansiriya School, which is why some historians have said it was built for educational purposes.

Arbil Castle

Erbil Citadel is considered one of the rare monuments around the world, and it is a fortified settlement located on an oval hill in Erbil Governorate, Kurdistan Region. Erbil Citadel is considered a religious and political center for the Assyrians. The castle is characterized by a strange pattern dating back to the late Ottoman phase in Erbil.

Brown city

The city of Samarra is located on the Tigris River in central Iraq, and the city of Samarra was established between the third and seventh centuries AD, due to the pressure to which the Abbasid caliph was exposed to leaving Baghdad, where he made the city of Samara its new capital, and it improved it, and built gardens, palaces, and other facilities But the city retreated after the caliph returned the capital to Baghdad.

Al-Mustansiriya School

Al-Mustansiriya School was named by this name in honor of the Abbasid Al-Mustansir background by God the thirty-seventh Caliph. The construction of the school took six years and was opened in 1234 AH.


The city of Assyria is a relic of the first capital of the Assyrian Empire that lasted from the fourteenth century to the ninth century BC, this city is considered a center of their deity worship, and the city contains a huge number of palaces and very important religious buildings.

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