The dining halls have recently become a destination for tourists who want to experience local flavors, colorful foods and innovative international cuisine, and are considered the best and most beautiful of the traditional dining halls that we find in malls, and the following are the most wonderful dining halls in the world:

Harrods, London, UK

This luxurious hall was designed in a modern style, and it is located in the place where British nobles have been shopping for 200 years. Inside the hall there are several sections furnished with marble and sparkling with long curved mirrors. The fish section is decorated with wonderful ice sculptures while the bakery smells of delicious English bread. . Visitors immerse themselves in the aristocratic atmosphere as they eat crystal caviar dishes and pies for the nobility in the nineteenth century.
Takashimaya, Tokyo, Japan

The Japanese love of food is hidden under Tokyo’s big department stores, and the combination of the words “depāto” and “chika” is about the amazing “depachika” worlds where delicious sushi rolls, takoyaki pies and cold pasta salads are served, along with traditional omelets and fish and fresh vegetables. The quiet Takashimaya Hall of Food features a charming view of the city from the rooftop picnic garden, and is the best place to find a little tochi (rice cakes), light Japanese cheesecake, and ice cream with chocolate flavors and cherry blossoms.
Food park, Tijuana, Mexico

Spreading over 11,000 square feet, this spectacular ballroom offers most of the local and international dishes for gourmets sitting on old wooden tables under high industrial ceilings. The hall is famous for grilled tacos and a spicy Mexican dish made of fried tortilla chips covered with cheese, and inside it there are some stalls like the traditional Basque kiosk (tapas) that serve toasted slices of bread.
Time Out Market, Lisbon, Portugal

The number of booths inside the Time Out Hall is more than thirty, and it is located inside the “the fin de siècle Mercado da Ribeira” shopping center. Visitors sit on common tables after they collect their favorite dishes from the kiosks that each specialize in a type of food and includes classic Portuguese cuisine with touches Trendy, and some traditional dishes like preserved sardines with steamed vegetables and clams with charcoal grilled chicken.
Markethall, Rotterdam, Netherlands

The Markthal Hotel was built in 2014 on the banks of the River Rut where the city of Rotterdam was established in 1270 and has become one of the most important attractions of the city. The dining hall inside is characterized by a horseshoe arch, covered in huge mosaics of tiles decorated with various types of vegetables. Visitors can enjoy a taste of warm Dutch dishes and amazing desserts, as it serves dozens of international cuisine from kebabs to sushi.

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