Switzerland aims to achieve one million hotel nights for tourists and focuses on the “grand tour” throughout its year 2020. “Tours” have developed around the world and have become popular especially in the past years between Emiratis and Gulf nationals who travel to Switzerland to visit the pure, pure lakes Like crystals, dark green forests, virgin Alps, authentic cities and countless natural attractions in just one trip in Switzerland. The Grand Tour of Switzerland, the first trip on the Alpine roads, was launched several years ago to provide some guidance for travelers on how to find the best of everything in Switzerland.

“The Grand Tour in Switzerland is a great vacation and driving experience throughout Switzerland,” says Matthias Albrecht – Director of the Swiss Tourism Authority for the Gulf Cooperation Council Countries. On this trip, the tourist will visit many sites listed on the UNESCO World Heritage List and many picturesque mountain paths, where this land journey that extends for 1,600 km passes through four linguistic regions, and leads through five alpine mountain paths to 12 sites registered in the UNESCO World Heritage List Stretching 22 stunning lakes. ”

These are some of the highlights not to be missed this year along the Grand Tour of Switzerland, the No. 1 Alpine road trip.

The sunrise over the famous Matterhorn will be amazed at least once in your life. With an opportunity to stroll around the vineyards of Lavo villages. Or a cobblestone tremolo on the south side of the Gotthard Pass.

The Rhine Falls – the highest of its kind in Europe

The Rhine Falls provide a spectacular sight, with a width of 150 meters and a height of 23 meters, which wastes 600 cubic meters of water through the waterfalls in the summer.

The elevator adventure trail travels from the Leuven castle to the viewing platforms, allowing for a stunning unobstructed landscape. A boat tour towards the Rhine Falls Basin, the rocks in the middle of the River Rhine and downstream to the national borders or further to the Reinaw power station is worth it.

The Adventure Park is located in the Rhine Falls on the northern bank – one of the most exciting rope parks in Europe. All those who crave adventures can move from one tree to another in 11 different paths with stunning views of the Rhine Falls.

Rhine River Pass: Swiss Grand Canyon

What started as a landslide with the soil slipping in Flims is now a unique natural background: 10,000 years ago, 10 billion cubic meters of rock slid toward the valley. Since then, the River Rhine has made its way through the primary rock layer between Ilans and Reichenau. The result is a valley actually referred to as the Swiss Grand Canyon. The quaint stone formations surrounded by pine trees impressed all categories of travelers from all over the world.

Numerous panoramic platforms along the road, such as “El Speer” in a universe or “Zawlt” near Bonados, offer breathtaking views of the Rhine passage, called “Rowenolta” in Romensh. The Rhine Pass is located outside the gates of the Alpine City, and is easily accessible from the Kur by public transport.

Ton Castle – in a medieval world

Explore the history first-hand at the site where the city of Zahranjian Ton was founded. Take a guided tour of Schloss Berg (Castle Hill), the medieval castle and historical museum. The castle is not only about history, but guests here will also enjoy stunning views of the city of Ton, its lake and the surrounding mountains.

Maison Caillet – Swiss chocolate factory

Maison Caillet welcomes its visitors to one of the oldest and most important chocolate factories in Switzerland. During the factory tour, visitors learn how chocolate reached Europe and how the Swiss made the product at its best. The chocolate production line can be seen on a small scale, but still surprisingly large, while sampling is largely uncontrolled. Chocolate workshops can also be booked for children.

The big caye shop sells locally produced chocolate while a small café offers great hot chocolate and small snacks. The nearby Nestle Factory Outlet store is distinguished by offering offers on chocolate and foods produced by different companies in the Nestlé Group. The Caisse chocolate factory is child-friendly, and it enters children free of charge with adults. Guided tours are available in many cities of Lake Geneva.

Verzasca Valley – Fresh Green Water

You can plunge into the wonderful emerald waters of the Verzasca River and admire the stunning view of the Verzasca Dam, which is more than 220 meters high. Why not follow in the footsteps of James Bond and imitate his jump?

The valley is also famous for its pristine nature and authentic villages in this region steeped in tradition. The valley can be easily reached, whether on foot, by car, or by public transport.

Don’t miss the path of the Verzasca Valley, a itinerary that takes travelers on a journey through the forests and ancient rural villages. It includes some real jewels, such as the cities of Coribo, La Vertyzu and Sonono.

Verzasca Valley
Verzasca Valley

Maison Cailler

Maison Cailler

Thun Castle
Thun Castle

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