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Great Wall of China

The Great Wall of China is one of the most impressive engineering achievements in the world. The wall was built using only human effort, and the length of the Wall of China is thirteen thousand, one hundred and seventy miles, and its height ranges between 5-8 meters, and its depth ranges between 5-6 meters. It was built by ancient Chinese leaders to provide protection against foreign threats and provide guardianship for Chinese territory. The Great Wall of China is a series of military installations built of stone, brick and wood floors.

The importance of the China Wall throughout history

The Great Wall of China was associated with myths, stories, and Chinese folk symbols, and it became a national symbol in the twentieth century, and despite its cultural importance, several parts of it were demolished in past times, and large parts of it suffered neglect during the centuries, and in the seventies part of it was dismantled near From Simatai, it was later rebuilt, and the most famous section of Badaling was rebuilt in the late 1950s, and by the world of 2000 parts had been rebuilt around the Shanhai Pass on the “Hu” mountain.

The sites can be seen near the fence

The Great Wall of China enables you to see many famous tourist attractions in China, as it stretches for long distances, and these places are:

  • Juyongguan (English: Juyongguan): Guiyongguan is 50 km away from Beijing, and is located in the Guangzhou Valley. It was built during the Ming Dynasty. It was a military town, which includes an official residence, and many watchtowers, temples, and military installations .
  • Simaitai (English: Simaitai): Simaytay is a section of the fence, about 140 km from Beijing, and is located in the province of Miyun, and this section contains 17 observation towers, you can go hiking, walking and see various tourist attractions, and UNESCO has included it as a center of world cultural heritage.
  • Gubeikou: This section of the fence is about 140 km from Beijing, and its length is about 20 km. It consists of two sections, the Great Wuhanhan Wall, and the Great Banlongshan Great Wall, and it contains 143 towers.

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