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The largest Islamic museum in the world

The Museum of Islamic Art, located in the Bab Al-Khalk region in the heart of historic Cairo, is the largest museum of Islamic art in the world, as this museum includes about 100 thousand different archaeological masterpieces of Islamic arts collected from several countries, including: India , China, Iran, Egypt, North Africa, Arabia, the Levant, and Andalusia. The artifacts displayed in this museum are distinguished by their comprehensiveness over the branches of Islamic art throughout the ages.

Islamic art museum

The Museum of Islamic Art was formerly called the Museum of Arab Art, and it was established in 1881 AD, and the contents of this museum extend from the Umayyad dynasty in the seventh century, to the Ottoman Empire in the nineteenth century, and this museum is considered one of the oldest and greatest museums in the world, as it contains 25 halls A display, rare manuscripts of the Noble Qur’an, and some exceptional models of woodwork, plaster, textiles, ceramics, and ancient metalwork, were opened in 1903 AD, and it contained only 7,000 works of art, and by 1987 AD, the collection of artifacts in the museum had increased to reach To 78,000 thousand pieces, then the number of tehs reached In recent years, more than 100 thousand masterpiece amazing.

Museum’s collectibles

The collection of the Museum of Islamic Art in Cairo is distinguished by its ancient artifacts, which made it a beacon of art and civilization throughout history. The museum meets the needs of all visitors and seekers of knowledge in all fields such as medicine, engineering, and astronomy. There is a collection of manuscripts and artifacts related to medicine, surgery, gardening, And astronomical tools such as astrolabes, compasses, and globe sculptures. As for the field of daily life, the museum contains a wide variety of metal, glass, and ceramic vessels, ornaments, weapons, and others, which makes this great museum a destination for large visitors from Locke and Heads of State.

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