The largest resort in Europe offers the luxury of nature as the “Victoria Jungfrau” Hotel and Resort supports the 5-star Victoria Jungfrau in Interlaken (Central Switzerland) a lifestyle called “back to the basics”, and the “Nescens spa” program, which is specially designed for each guest, does not suffice with work To achieve real-time goals, but it gives guests some advice for their long-term achievement.

Guests at the Victoria Jungfrau Resort receive a medical team of therapists and a doctor. The guest receives a blood test, a weight measurement, a detailed orthopedic evaluation and an in-depth diagnosis of the body. After that, a three-course menu is prepared in cooperation with the chefs in the restaurant to suit the guest’s nutritional needs and favorite dishes. For example, dinner can start with Politus Carpaccio, followed by salmon-bonbons, citrus fruits and a chocolate souffle.

The medical team supports making simple lifestyle changes and is betting on physical exercise happily and spa treatment to restore balance to the body.
This luxury resort is considered the largest among the health resorts in Europe, as it includes five thousand five hundred square meters of pools that come in different shapes and sizes, a luxurious sauna with starry roof and Romenian-inspired exterior bathrooms overlooking the scenic Swiss Alps, and the facilities appear in their columns White and black are perfectly compatible with the artistic touches of contemporary décor, which provide a stunning image as part of a fictional movie.

The historical five-star hotel in the Bernese Highlands blends traditional hospitality with modern and luxurious interiors. Some rooms have views of the Bernese Highlands and the “Eiger”, “Mönch” and “Jungfrau” mountains, and overlook a paragliding platform where guests watch a surreal scene in which people dance in size. Small over majestic peaks surrounded by rich blue sky.

The Victoria Jungfrau Hotel is a haven for the European elite looking for a secluded atmosphere to enjoy a deep relaxation between the scenic lakes and white hillsides. Most rooms have a classic quiet theme with blue wallpaper, bed linen, contemporary dark wood furniture, and a white camellia bouquet on the bedside table, as well as marble bathroom and dazzling gold mirrors.

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