The largest water city in Istanbul

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the aquatic city

The Aquatic City is an amusement park composed of a number of artificial swimming pools, and these pools may contain ornamental fish to look more natural, and some parks may also have artificial waterfalls to attract visitors and make the park more beautiful.

Water cities have become one of the best places for families to go in summer vacations as an alternative to going to the sea, especially in areas far from it, an idea that started in Europe and the United States of America some time ago, then spread in the recent period in most Arab countries to attract families, and in water cities Games suitable for all people of all ages, it is an amusement park based in its games based on the presence of water, and it consists of a number of games of different shapes and colors, allowing the visitor to ride water of certain heights to slide over the water and reach a swimming pool, and this slide may occur m N while riding dedicated boats.

Aqua Marina is the largest water city in Istanbul

In Turkey, about 80 kilometers from Istanbul, the city of “Aqua Marina” is located in the “Buyukcekmece” region, which is the largest water park in Istanbul, and all tourists come from inside and outside Turkey because of its wide fame, due to its large size and many games in it. Not only that, it holds a certificate of hygiene because of the cleanliness of the water and the food served in the restaurants in it.

To reach this water city, there are dedicated buses that go to it daily, and these buses are free, which depart from the “Taksim” station and reach Aqua Marina, and visitors from outside Turkey can easily access these buses, as they are always present in several stations and in areas close to the hotels that reside It has tourists, and this water city opens its doors to visitors every day, from Monday to Sunday between 9 am and 7 pm.
Aqua Marina includes a large swimming pool, in which many competitions are held, it is designed with high specifications, and there are a large number of water games of various levels and heights to suit all ages, in an exciting atmosphere of fun and entertainment, and there is a small golf course.

What makes this water city more unique is its occurrence by the sea, and the beautiful green nature is what made it one of the best water parks in Turkey and earned it wide fame inside and outside Turkey, and theatrical performances are held in Aqua Marina to entertain children, as this water city is keen to add A new water game annually, so that it can accommodate the large number of visitors, which increases every year.


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