1- C-Park:
Sea Park is one of the most beautiful and cleanest parks in Austria. It is possible to enjoy various types of sports such as hiking or cycling. The park also contains many types of birds in addition to trees and green grass, which reflects a beautiful face in the place that attracts visitors.

There is a lake around fifteen kilometers around the park. Along the edge of the foot, can be reached on foot. The oldest is advised to spend a whole day relaxing in this park.
– There are a large number of activities that can be practiced in the park and most of these activities are suitable for adults and children, such as golfing or sitting and relaxing and eating an ice cream cake

2- Zell am See park
– This park is one of the scenic places with its beautiful natural scenery and gardens, and along the way there is the wonderful Zell am See lake.
There are places for people with special needs that facilitate their entry into the lake, where corridors have been created for vehicles for people who cannot walk.
– Zell am See is characterized by its wonderful scenery, which is described as very beautiful, as it is near the sea, so the visitor feels comfortable and relaxed when sitting on the benches overlooking the lake, and he sees the water, trees and flowers at the same time.

3- Lake Hoch Gebergstussen-Kaperala I.
The Hoch Gebergeussen Kaprun lake is located in the village of Kaprun, and is considered one of the most beautiful areas to visit. Some tours can be made around the walls of the dam, and brochures containing useful information in German about the trip.
Hoch Gebergstussen Kaprun is characterized by its beautiful, pure turquoise waters, D, and the bright sun, which reflects its rays in the lake.
A bus with the number 660 can be acquired from Kaprun and reach the mountains, then another bus can be acquired to go to the water dam in order to reach the lake. This trip will take about half an hour.
– The last bus goes to the lake at five o’clock in the evening, while on return, the last bus is at five o’clock as well

4- Strait of Sigmund Thun
– Large numbers of Arab and foreign tourists from different countries of the world go to the host of Sigmund Thun Kalam in order to go up to it and enjoy the wonderful natural scenery around the lake.
It takes between one and two hours to go to the strait.
– During the period of ascending to the strait, a cinema can be seen showing the stages of building a thermal station on the dam
The Sigmund Strait is one of the most magnificent places to visit at all times of the year, but the best time to visit it is the time of snowfall during the winter season.
At the end of the lake there is a wonderful magical place

5- Kapruner Stosen
It is a water tank with a height of two thousand meters.
There are at the top of the mountains and are characterized by the attractive water view and therefore it is one of the most beautiful tourist places in the world and large numbers of tourists come to visit it from all over the world.
– Visitors ride a bus up the mountain and pass multiple rivers, and 180 people can ride on the same platform and on boarding accompany tourists

Strandbad Lochau am Bodensee Lochau
It is located in the north of Austria.
This beach is the ideal place for people who love to swim in the seas
The beach is suitable for disabled people
It has water playgrounds
– It contains parts intended for families and children

Öffentlicher Strand:
It is located in the western region of Austria
It is characterized by its proximity to attractions
Contains private and exciting water games
It has spaces for people with disabilities
Suitable for family and children gatherings
Obertraun Bathing Area / Lakeside Recreation Area
_ One of the most beautiful recreational beaches in Austria.
There are places designated for sunbathing and umbrellas
Contains places for children and special needs games

Kiosk Donaukanal
– The beach is forty six meters long.
It is located in the northeast of Austria.
– It is near the capital Vienna
It has places of exciting water games and places for families and young children.

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