The tourist city of Amsterdam is the capital of the Netherlands, and it is considered to be the most famous city, because it mainly controls tourism in the Netherlands, due to its water channels, which have been built homes and shops around it to give this town the priority of tourism and attract a large number of beauty lovers to see it, and also its wide popularity from Besides ancient museums, royal palaces, and impressive streets, with its attractive architecture that makes Amsterdam a tourist front for all countries of the world, Arab travelers offer you many tourist places that help you enjoy during your trip to Amsterdam.

Amsterdam tourism guide

Rick’s Museum

The Rijksmuseum is considered one of the most important things that was built in Amsterdam, as it is a source of art inside Europe, because it contains many art works and ancient works rarely and rarely found around the world, and the total rare works inside this museum amount to seven million creative works, for great artists from history, from Among his exhibits are 6000 artworks with his magnificent paintings, and also thirty-five thousand books, traditional handwritten medieval manuscripts, all of which made him the most famous tourist destination in Amsterdam, built in 1809 AD, it contains internal tours, mostly in English.

Maritime Museum

It is the national museum of this wonderful city, where it was designed to display the history of the old Dutch life, especially the process of navigation inside the Netherlands in the past, which was done through the North Sea, and there is also a lot of the history of the people of the Netherlands with old ships, and the most famous history stories inside it, the story of the old Dutch ship Which crossed the ocean heading to the east, and also an ancient ship dating back to the seventeenth century AD, which displays modern technologies and live effects that help you to see them as if they were sailing in front of you, and is ranked 11th on the world level, in terms of the number of daily visits inside it, and it has received great attention From before The government, especially after its recent renewal.

Van Gogh Museum

The museum was named after the artist Vincent Van Gogh, and he is one of the most important artists who are dominated by fiction in the nineteenth century, and who drew most of his works from his life that is characterized by extreme misery and suffering, and every year the number of visitors to the museum reaches more than half a million people, is the museum The second on the Netherlands level in the number of visits, because it displays the most important rare and wonderful paintings of this wonderful artist.

Madame Tussauds Museum Amsterdam

It is a branch of the most famous wax museums on the world level, and the main and main headquarters in London, and the rest of the branches extend to the rest of the world, and there are some wax figures of the most famous international figures in various magazines, political and technical as well as sports.

Anne Frank House

It is one of the most famous houses in Amsterdam, because it is the house where the Anne Frank family hid during the period of World War II, and displays the life of this family, which was the most famous victim of the Holocaust, which was famous for the Holocaust during Hitler’s rule during the war, because they were a Jewish family, and includes notes Anne Frank, who sold many copies of him after the war ended and two months before the end of the war, and the country maintained the house and presented it as a museum for their tragic life.

Westerkker Church

It is considered the most famous church in the Netherlands, where in 1966 the wedding of Queen Beatrix was held, it was established in 1630 AD in the Renaissance, and it is considered one of the oldest churches in the Netherlands, and the most religious shrine in the city, and it has many features and structural characteristics that distinguish it from other churches Like the interior and exterior buildings of it, there is the tallest tower in the whole city of Amsterdam. Above is a replica of the crown of the king, which commemorates the Austrian Emperor Maximilian who came to Amsterdam for his treatment and recovery from illness, thus ensuring the city in his reign ensured protection and safety.

a church (Oude Kerk)

It is one of the most important Protestant churches that were designed in the Gothic times. It was used by sailors in the past to explore different sea situations and get to know ships coming from afar.

The Royal Palace in Amsterdam

It is the place where the king resides, and it was previously considered a building for the municipality, and it is a huge building built in 1648 AD, and the classic method that helped design it from the outside, as it differs completely from the inside, and is characterized by a large group of decorations and sculptures that artists created and paintings for many months. The artists painted in the past, and one of the sweetest rooms is the Majlis Hall room, which is considered one of the most beautiful places in the Netherlands.

Streets Shopping in Amsterdam

The streets of the Netherlands are the most famous streets that the Netherlands has helped in tourism, and finds the most famous streets like Kalverstraat, which is located between Leidsegracht and Raadhuisstraat, as it contains about two hundred shops, and the largest international fashion design stores, Home or decoration accessories stores. It is one of the places where congestion is less than the most famous markets in the Netherlands, such as (De Negen Straatjes) or (the ninth street), which is one of the most famous and popular streets there.

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