Of course, the options for nightlife in Dubai are many, but what matters to us in this matter are the cafes and restaurants that do not sleep that enable you to enjoy a delicious meal at any hour of the night or until the beginning of dawn.

Thyme and oil

A series of thyme and Lebanese oil, which is specialized in Lebanese pastries and pastries in general, but there is a lot of creativity and innovation in the dishes that are served, whether cheese pie or sausage or labneh with herbs and vegetables. In addition to Lebanese manakish and pastries, thyme, salad oil, pizza, marinated pie and so on are available. These foods are available 24 hours.

Zaroub Restaurant

Zaroub Restaurant does not stop receiving guests and its doors are open until 4 am. Zaroub Restaurant is inspired by the style of street food vendors in the Levant. As for its interior designs, they are truly distinctive, as they include ancient artworks and memories from arrivals from Lebanon, Syria, Jordan, and others. The restaurant is composed of two floors and also includes a charming terrace lit with jellyfish. The menu in Zaroob Restaurant is varied and includes many popular dishes such as shawarma, chickpeas, falafel and manakish, in addition to other different types of sandwiches.

Food and Drink

If you like shawarma then Food & Drink is perfect for you. Enjoy a late night meal at this place with garlic, pickles and French fries that have a wide audience in Dubai. But shawarma is not the only option available, there are grilled chicken, tabouleh, fattoush and rice. Of course there are fresh juices, which are the perfect conclusion to a delicious meal.

Aspen Café

A meal in a luxurious and refined restaurant in one of the finest hotels in Dubai. Aspen Café, which is located inside the Kempinski Hotel Mall of the Emirates lobby, is one of the most popular places for late-night shoppers to eat fast food. The restaurant offers contemporary European cuisine and of course the price of the meal in this restaurant is twice the price of the restaurants and cafes that we mentioned, so if you don’t plan to spend a lot of money on your meals the best night is not to visit this restaurant.

How restaurant

This restaurant, located in the Business Bay area of ​​Dubai, operates 24 hours. This restaurant is known for its delicious Lebanese food, but it also serves oriental dishes in general. You can choose to eat inside the restaurant or on the outside terrace. In addition to delicious dishes, pastries, sweets and drinks, if you are a fan of hookah this restaurant will give you a quiet session with the early dawn hours with your hookah and a special cup of refreshing tea.

Al-Areesh Café & Restaurant

Al-Areesh Café & Restaurant is characterized by its diversity of sessions to meet all the needs of its customers, between sessions on the creek, tents and a hall designed in the form of a tent. In general the vast majority of customers prefer a creek session, whether to eat or to smoke hookah only and enjoy the peace. No matter what you prefer, Al-Areesh Café & Restaurant offers you what you want at any time. It also offers snacks and delicious desserts such as Konafa, in addition to juices and cocktails of all kinds and by virtue of its location from the Dubai Creek specifically in the heritage village of Shindagha, the atmosphere is comfortable and the views are breathtaking.

Ayouch Cafe

Ayoush Cafe is located near the Crown Plaza Hotel on Sheikh Zayed Road and is open 24 hours a day. You can take advantage of the hours after midnight, as the percentage of cafe visitors decreases to enjoy the most delicious Arab and international dishes, and of course pastries and delicious drinks. In the event that you are a fan of shisha, the coffee shop provides it to its customers.

Operation Restaurant Falafel

Of course we cannot talk about late night food without mentioning falafel. Falafel, which some may consider heavy dishes, but it is a favorite late-night meal for a very large Arab population. This restaurant works around the clock and is of course in addition to falafel serving Arabic and Middle Eastern cuisine such as hummus, fattouch, manakish, shawarma, rosary and of course delicious desserts.

La Varenne Restaurant

La Varenne Restaurant is located in the JW Marriott Marquis Dubai Hotel, and it is characterized by classicism, which makes visiting this restaurant an unforgettable experience in Dubai, as it works 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Of course, the prices of this restaurant are not suitable for those with a low budget. As for the owners of the medium budget, they can circumvent the menu by choosing the dishes that are at the lowest prices. In general the experience is nice and relaxing with the last hours of the night. And in case you visited the restaurant, do not forget to try the delicious desserts that it offers and the tea that is available in that restaurant in myriad numbers and types.

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