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The Uberalp Pass

The Oberalp Pass is located in Switzerland, and rises about 2,044 meters above sea level. It is worth noting that the monsoon rains contribute to enhancing the beauty of the green landscape, which in turn makes this road an amazing artistic painting, knowing that this road is only open in the summer.

Trollstigen Road

The Trollstigen road is one of the most famous tourist routes, and it is the most visited in Norway, as the scenic surroundings surrounding it made it a unique art masterpiece, knowing that the Trollstigen route was considered – historically – an important passage between the villages of the opening of Romsdal, where it was opened In the year 1939 AD. It should be mentioned that the height of the high mountains that surround the Trollstigen road reaches more than 1,600 meters. From the west, it is surrounded by: Mount Bispen (English: Bispen), Kongen (Dronninga), or from Dronninga. East is surrounded by: Storgrovfjellet Mountain, and Stigbottshornet, although the old mountain road that can be walked along the Trollstigen Road through it crosses, and this road intersects with a wonderful bridge made It is made of natural stone and reaches the highest point on the Trollstage road About 852 meters above sea level.

Karakoram Highway

Karakoram Highway is located on the Asian continent, and it is a road linking China and Islamabad, which is the capital of Pakistan, and this means that it is a common road between both countries, knowing that this road took 20 years (1959 – 1978 AD) It is worth mentioning that this road crosses some hard-to-reach areas, in addition to crossing many rugged mountains, including: Pamirs (English: Pamirs), Kunlun (English: Kunlun), and Hindu Kush ( In English: Hindu Kush), as for the most important reasons why this road is dangerous, Including: rock slides, mud, and avalanches.

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