A guide to the most beautiful tourist places in Georgia is advisable to visit, it is considered one of the strongest Asian countries, which represents its experience as a strong economic country, exemplary since the eleventh and twelfth centuries until its restoration of its strength after its independence from the Soviet Union with the early nineties, and perhaps also it has become one of the impressive and attractive countries for tourism and vacationing Distinguished, and in the following we learn in the article of Arab travelers the most important characteristic of tourism in Georgia

Tourist places in Georgia for young people

  • Perhaps the state of Georgia is one of the most important spots in which it has a picturesque nature, and it is characterized as a magnet for young people in particular, with everything that a traveler may wish to see and enjoy.
  • Georgia is characterized by mountains covered with greenery, and they are originally above the sea. The longest mountain is Chakhara Mountain, which has a height of 5201 meters, in addition to the presence of other mountains, among which the “Kazbegi Mountain” differs, as it is of volcanic origin.
  • The Shkhara and Kazbegi mountains are connected by a group of glaciers, which constitute 30% of the group of rivers located in the Caucasus. Georgia also has plateaus, lakes and hot springs.
  • Georgia also has the deepest cave of Voronya, the world’s deepest cave, whose last voyages have reached 2,140 meters.
  • Georgia also has low and rainforests, swamps, and marshes, and forests cover 40% of Georgia.
  • There are rivers in Georgia that are used for agricultural purposes, and there are also valleys and gorges separated by mountains.
  • Georgia’s climate tends to be moderate, and mountains play a big role in that they control humidity or hot waves. Spring and autumn are the peak rains, and winter and summer are dry.
  • Georgia’s climate and nature are both capital for its tourism boom.

The cost of tourism in Georgia

  • Georgia is one of the countries that gives tourists the real opportunity to relax, relax, and record moments with photos and videos, as well as spend a happy time always accompanied by loved ones.
  • In addition to the presence of more than 12,000 historical and cultural monuments in Georgia, four of which are classified by UNESCO as World Heritage Sites: (Bagarati Cathedral, Gelati Monastery, Historic Landmarks of Mtskheta, Upper Svaneti).
  • The Georgian language is the official language of the country, and the Jewish community in Georgia is one of the oldest Jewish communities in the world, in addition to the presence of a huge variety of nationalities, religions, and languages.
  • The official currency is the Georgian lari.
  • The reservation period in the months of May, June, July and September and represents the non-tourist times for Georgia is one of the best periods in which you can book at a very reasonable price, and in this way you will avoid traveling or staying at an expensive cost.
  • Georgia is distinguished by its free visa, which it grants to the European Union, North America, Oceania, Central Asia, South and South Africa, and is distributed in nearly 90 different countries. It can be obtained free of charge through its website here
  • Except for the mentioned countries, there are two types of visa: the first costs 50 lari and lasts for 90 days, while the other costs 100 lari and lasts for 360 days.
  • Georgia also enjoys a proliferation of guest houses and hostels whose cost does not exceed $ 20.
  • As for the means of transportation, the most prominent of them is Marsherotka, which is a relatively comfortable minibus that moves everywhere, and its journey inside the city or village costs between 50 to 2 lari, and it costs 5 to 30 lari to ride from city to city.
  • The food and drink in Georgia is characterized by its availability at the cheapest prices. For example, the price of a loaf of bread is 80. Larry and a kilo of chicken breast costs 8 lari.
  • As for restaurants, the cost of a two-person meal in non-local restaurants is 50 lari, and in local restaurants the cost of a two-person meal is 15 lari.
  • One of the great things about Georgia is that admission is free for many of its museums, and gifts and souvenirs are sold at cheap prices; you can fifteen dollars to buy gifts for friends and family.

There is no doubt that traveling to Georgia is worth it! There, the picturesque nature prepares you for adventure, travel and relaxation. Also, confidence in a country with an excellent economic level, such as Georgia, made the visa entry free of charge very interesting to explore this country, and spend the May holiday in it.

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