A guide to the most beautiful tourist places in Alexandria is recommended to visit, Alexandria is one of the best tourist cities in Egypt and is characterized by the splendor of its beaches and its beautiful atmosphere and therefore it is a destination for all Egyptians and tourists in most parts of the world, especially in the summer and one of the best that you will find in Alexandria is the real pleasure of summer vacation And the beautiful and distinctive beaches, which cost you little compared to others, and today we will talk to Arab travelers about the best tourist places in Alexandria that you will enjoy visiting, so go ahead to us.

The most famous tourist places in Alexandria:

First: Qaitbay Fort:

This castle is one of the best tourist places in Alexandria and is characterized by its wonderful and distinctive location, it overlooks the Corniche of the Nile, and visits to the castle start from nine in the morning until five in the evening and the entrance ticket to the castle is symbolic, simple and suitable for all groups. As for the area surrounding the castle from the outside, it can be visited in Any time it is open throughout the day.

Second: Al-Montazah Gardens:

Al-Montazah Gardens consist of several gardens next to each other and includes many distinct restaurants. Al-Montazah Gardens are considered to be a suitable place for families and gatherings, and cycling can be practiced inside them and the entry ticket does not exceed ten pounds.

Third: The globe:

Janaat Al-Maamoura is one of the best gardens in Alexandria, which overlooks the sea directly, so there are some activities, including beach riding, cycling, and you can enjoy the wonderful atmosphere and clean air and spend the best times with your family and friends in the gardens of Maamoura.

Fourth: San Stefano:

San Stefano Mall is one of the largest and most famous malls in Alexandria. This mall includes a large number of various shops, as well as a large cinema house that includes about ten cinemas.

Fifth: Green Plaza:

Green Plaza Mall is one of the most popular malls that families go to, especially those who go shopping with their children. There is a theme park which children love so much that they can shop and eat dinner in the best restaurants that offer you the best types of eastern and western food.

Sixth: Antoniadis Gardens:

These gardens are considered to be one of the most important historical tourist parks in Alexandria, which are located in the Smouha region and are characterized by the inclusion of some rare flowers as they are found by a giant water fountain. The construction of Antoniadis Gardens dates back to the era of the pattama, which was then developed by Muhammad Ali, and these gardens also include a large and huge palace It is used to receive important visitors from the leaders and kings of that time.

Seventh: Al-Assad Village:

This village is located on the Cairo-Alexandria road and includes many predators. There are also many restaurants that offer authentic oriental food. They also offer all kinds of grilled meat. One of the best is grilled ostrich meat, so many people love to go and enjoy their time there and eat a pie of mushrooms in a beautiful atmosphere.

Eighth: Al-Senussi Palace for Grills and Fish:

Held in this palace many parties that include the largest artists and is characterized by the presence of a large swimming pool and is dedicated to the work of all kinds of different and varied fish dishes that many love. This palace is located on the Alexandria highway We hope you visit and enjoy eating fish.

Nine: City Center and Down Town:

These two malls include many, many shops that display and sell the most luxurious and best international brands, located opposite the desert road to the city of Alexandria, opposite.

Tenth: Yacht excursion:

You can not go to Alexandria without going through the wonderful yacht ride that starts from an area called Al Anfoushi next to Qaitbay Castle. The price of the trip on the yacht is determined according to the size of the yacht and the number of people.
In the end, we hope that you will visit Alexandria and enjoy all its wonderful tourist places, and we hope you like it.

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