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What are the most important tips before traveling to Sweden?

The currency is Swedish krona and the official language in Sweden is Swedish, and if you do not speak this language, do not worry because most of the Swedish population speaks fluent English

Pay attention when you visit Sweden in July, as restaurants and shops usually close their doors during this month, so that workers and employees have the opportunity to spend a holiday spanning 4 to 6 weeks.

And before you go to any tourist attraction or restaurant, make sure to work at times to avoid wasting time, and when you visit famous landmarks in big cities, try to book an entry card via the Internet to avoid standing in the queues, especially during peak times

Transportation in Sweden is somewhat expensive and we advise you to rely on public transport, as it is very efficient and discounts can be obtained if you buy a city tourism card, it also entitles you to enter for free or at low cost to most museums and tourist attractions

How to get a Swedish visa?

Sweden is one of the countries that apply the Schengen system, as is the case with most of the European Union countries. You can refer to the Swedish embassy in your country to request it. It authorizes you to visit Sweden for a maximum of 90 days.

What are the best times to travel to Sweden?

The best time to visit Sweden is the summer because the country’s climate is generally cold and the weather is warm and at its best during the summer so we see Swedes celebrating this season and holding festivals

In terms of costs, travel to Sweden during the fall and winter seasons can be considered the least expensive due to the severe cold

What are the costs of traveling to Sweden?

In terms of costs, travel to Sweden during the fall and winter seasons can be considered the least expensive due to the cold. In the tourist season, the person’s expenses other than the airline card and visa range between 200-250 euros.

What are the best hotels in Stockholm Sweden?

You can find out the best of Stockholm hotels, based on the Arab visitors’ reviews of the best Stockholm hotels

What are the best tourist cities in Sweden?

We dedicated the following article to introduce you to the best tourist cities in Sweden … Read more

What are the best telecom companies in Sweden?

International tourists often prefer to get prepaid SIM cards, especially since they do not require any contract, and the best companies are Comviq, Halebop, Telenor, Three Mobile and Tele2. Where you can obtain the card through the offices deployed or at the airport

What are Sweden’s main airports?

Sweden has many domestic and international airports, and we will mention the two most important international airports: Stockholm Airport, and Gothenburg Airport

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