The spacious and elegant chalets fully equipped and close to shopping, entertainment and services are the best accommodation options for grooms and families in Jeddah at all when compared to the capabilities of the traditional Jeddah hotels, but the prices of Jeddah chalets are the obstacle that stands in front of many large Arab families or couples in the prime of their lives where The limited budgets that chalet prices in Jeddah may not be overpriced for, they believe, as a separate, luxury private unit.

Accordingly, we present to you the report of the best 4 of Jeddah’s luxury chalets at different prices to suit different budgets.

Tips and suggestions for staying and getting the best prices for Jeddah chalets

• The prices of chalets in Jeddah vary according to the tourist season of the city, so they rise in winter and decrease in summer, which makes choosing the reservation of Jeddah chalets outside the tourist boom season often appropriate for the limited budget of travel and accommodation, so, to get the best prices for chalets in Jeddah and the lowest cost, we advise you to reserve Jeddah chalets during the summer.

• You can also get the cheapest prices for Jeddah chalets by booking Jeddah chalets that are less rated (star category) and a bit far from tourist attractions.

• The prices of Jeddah chalets, small in size or simple, are also low.

• If you are interested in the climate at the expense of the price, you should book chalets in Jeddah during the tourist season in the winter, as it is characterized by climate in moderation and suitable for visiting the sights of the city.

Suggested options when reserving Jeddah budget chalets

Jeddah includes a group of the best Saudi hotels and tourist resorts that provide separate chalets and special units, and based on many experiences of Arab visitors and accommodation in Jeddah chalets during their multiple trips, we offer you the best prices of Jeddah chalets and the lowest cost, which are as follows:

Evaglio Luxury Chalet villa Jeddah

You are looking for the best prices for Jeddah chalets, here you go
This chalet offers affordable self-catering units with an outdoor pool
Garden, internet services and free parking.

The chalet in Khalidiya district is 5.7 km from Al Shallal Theme Park, 28 km from Airport
King Abdulaziz International.

Summary of Arab visitor ratings

The chalet was very well rated, and the highest ratings were for the location, staff, cleanliness, speed
Internet connection.

Hotel reservation
Tips to stay and get the cheapest prices for Jeddah chalets

White Pearl Villas near Obhur Beach

The finest
Jeddah self-catering chalets that offer spacious units equipped with kitchen
And garden, with an outdoor swimming pool and garden, internet services and free private parking, the best
Prices for Jeddah chalets for residence.

The chalet is 6.5 km from the Globe Roundabout and 25.6 km from King Abdulaziz Airport

Summary of Arab visitor ratings

Guest stay at the chalet and rated it exceptionally thanks to the staff, the cleanliness,
Prices, facilities, which got the highest estimates.

Hotel reservation
Report includes 4 of the best prices for chalets in Jeddah, varying across all segments

Valley Rose Chalet

One of the best housing options and the cheapest prices for Jeddah chalets that can be thought of when booking chalets in Jeddah, where the elegant chalet offers a spacious fully equipped area overlooking a garden, an outdoor pool, a terrace and barbecue facilities, walking paths close to the best prices of chalets in Jeddah for families and budget budgets.

The chalet in Al-Shorouk district is 9.6 km from Aziz Mall and 18.6 km from King Abdul Airport
International Dear.

Summary of Arab visitor ratings

The hotel is well rated thanks to the staff, the cleanliness, and the rates, while the location got it
Lowest rating.

Hotel reservation
How to book Jeddah chalets at the lowest prices

Durrat Al-Arous Chalet Jeddah

The ideal accommodation units for families and grooms, which provides the best prices for chalets in Jeddah for a fee
Its level of services and great leisure facilities like private beach, fishing facilities
Water sports, hiking and cycling trails, park and terrace, ATM
And parking lots.

The chalet in Dahban, 54.5 km from King Abdulaziz International Airport, is not available
Attractions nearby.

Summary of Arab visitor ratings

The chalet received a very good rating as it is the lowest price for Jeddah chalets, thanks to the staff, location, cleanliness and facilities.

Hotel reservation
Tips when booking chalets in Jeddah at reasonable prices

What are the best times to book chalets in Jeddah at the cheapest prices?

The summer season is characterized by providing the cheapest prices of chalets in Jeddah, unlike the winter tourist season of the coastal city of Saudi Arabia.

What are the prices of chalets in Jeddah overlooking the sea?

Prices for chalets in Jeddah overlooking the sea start from $ 187 per night, or they may rise or fall depending on the hotel classification and the tourist season.

What are the prices of chalets in Jeddah during the New Year season?

Chalet prices in Jeddah start from $ 59 per night during the New Year season, and slight differences differ between Jeddah chalets with different classifications, locations, and capabilities, as well as at other times of the year.

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