Beirut is the most important tourism region in Lebanon and it is the economic and cultural center of the country. It includes many tourist places and embraces many modern commercial complexes and has restaurants that offer the most delicious dishes from the well-known Lebanese cuisine.

Best hotels in Beirut

Beirut includes a group of the best hotels in Lebanon, and we have brought you in this tab the recommended Beirut hotels .. Read more

Beirut hotels

The most important places of tourism in Beirut

In this article, we show you the most important tourist areas of Beirut that we recommend you to visit, namely:

Downtown Beirut

Downtown Beirut or Downtown Beirut is one of the most important tourist places in Beirut, which naturally contains many restaurants, shops and cafes in addition to concerts that take place in the open air inside this place that carries the spirit of Beirut inside .. Read more

Downtown Beirut

Olive Bay

Zaitouna Bay is located around Beirut Marina, which you can reach via the coastal park to the north, as it is bordered to the south by the Beirut Corniche, and this place is a living embodiment of a project that represents an urban beach and an important tourist attraction, one of the tourist attractions in Beirut, Lebanon .. Read more

Zaytuna Bay, Beirut


One of the most important tourist places in Beirut is Raouche, a famous residential and commercial neighborhood located in the city of Beirut known for its high-end residential buildings and many restaurants and cafes that spread on both sides of its streets, the most prominent of which is Paris Street, which is an important part of the Beirut Corniche .. Read more

Raouche in Beirut

Mohamed Al-Amin Mosque

One of the landmarks of tourism in Beirut, Lebanon is the largest mosque in the country and one of the most magnificent in terms of interior and exterior architectural design. The mosque dates back to more than a century and a half of the century .. Read more

Mohamed Al-Amin Mosque

Waves Aqua Park

Waves Aqua Park is one of the most important recreational places in Beirut and it is the largest water park in the city as it is one of the largest parks in the Middle East, covering an area of ​​60,000 square meters .. Read more

Waves Aqua Park Beirut Resort - Tourism in Beirut

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